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Making your own beef stir-fry is a much healthier alternative to getting takeout. Find out about heart-healthy beef recipes with help from a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator in this free video clip.

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Hi, my name is Laura Cipullo. I'm a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. Today, we are going to make a heart healthy beef stir fry recipe. And actually, it's an Asian beef stir fry. It's a healthier option to make your own beef stir fry rather than doing Chinese takeout or Japanese takeout. So, if you're trying to be heart healthy, follow the recipe. Our ingredients include one half cup of teriyaki sauce. Use a low sodium teriyaki to help cut down on the salt and again, make this heart healthy. Use one tablespoon of whole wheat flour, one pound of sirloin beef cut into thin strips, three tablespoons of canola oil and two garlic cloves, one shallot cut up and then three cups or even more of mixed vegetables. Today, we're using broccoli, peppers, snow peas and mushrooms. So, you're going to take your one tablespoon of whole wheat flour and add it to your half cup of reduced sodium teriyaki sauce. Add one tablespoon of whole wheat flour to the reduced sodium teriyaki to just thicken the sauce slightly. We're using canola oil because it has a higher smoke point that olive oil. Both oils are definitely healthy, but again, when you're using a higher heat, you want to be using canola oil. Now, add your shallots and your garlic. Now, you want to make sure your heat isn't too high, if it's too high, the garlic will burn and you'll ruin the flavor. So, you can heat the garlic and the shallots for about one to two minutes and then you want to add your sirloin beef strips. If you can't find beef strips in the store, just buy a very lean sirloin steak and cut it up yourself. That's what I actually had to do. Brown your sirloin beef strips for about two to three minutes until they're completely cooked through. Stir the beef strips to make sure that you cook both sides thoroughly and that you know your, your meat will be evenly cooked. It also helps to make sure you have enough shallots and garlic and spread the flavor. When the beef strips are completely cooked through, you want to transfer them to the plate that you're going to be using for presentation. In the same sautee pan, you're going to add all of your vegetables and again, we have broccoli, peppers and mushrooms. The reason I chose the broccoli is because this is actually a very high fiber vegetable and if you use the stems, it's actually very high in calcium. So, you have to use the stems to get the calcium. We have red peppers in here because that's very high in Vitamin C; so again, we're making a heart healthy stir fry. And then, you can add your teriyaki sauce. Now, you're going to cook the vegetables in the teriyaki sauce, again, stirring completely, letting everything get wet and moist. You don't want to overcook. If you overcook something, it takes away then nutrients. So, just get them as wet as possible and cook them as quickly as possible. And again, this should be maybe about five minutes if you're using a thicker or heavier vegetable like broccoli; if you're just using something like squash, maybe it's one or two minutes and you can cook it very quickly and be done. And then, you add your cooked beef to your broccoli Asian stir fry. Mix it up and then serve your healthy dinner. I'm Laura Cipullo, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator. We just made heart healthy beef Asian stir fry. For more information on healthy living, check us out on Facebook at Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition Services.


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