How to Cut Scone Dough

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Cutting scone dough isn't necessarily like cutting other types of dough for baking and cooking. Find out how to properly cut scone dough with help from the head chef and principal owner of YaDa Chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there. I am Joseph Yacino, YaDa chef in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This great space that you see me cooking in is kitchen 9 5 3. Kitchen 9 5 3 is the counties number one shared culinary space. Scones or scones as some people call them, seem to be wrapped in all this mystery. There is really nothing mysterious about them and I am going to show you just how easy they are to make. And today, I'm going to show ou how to cut scone dough. So you've mixed all your ingredients of flour, sugar, butter, baking soda and perhaps salt and a little bit of milk. It's all mixed up in your bowl. On a lightly floured surface, just sprinkle a little flour there. Take your mixed scone dough, bring it all together and pat it out. Now you can use either your hands, you can use a rolling pin to bring it out to whatever you want. Remember when you are rolling don't go all the way to the edge. That way everything is even. And you're going to roll this out to between three quarters and one inch or two and two and a half centimenters thick. Now some of the recipes you're going to find, they'll tell you to use a round cookie cutter or some people are using shapes. That's really not the way to go. A traditional scone is cut just like a pie. So you're gong to cut it straight across. You may have to flour your thing. Cross again. In half. In half. In half. In half. That's it. So now we're ready to go. We're going to put these onto a pregreased cookie sheet and they are going to cook for ten to twelve minutes in a preheated 425 degree oven. That's about 220 degrees celsius. You're going to brush these with a little bit of milk and then they will be ready to go. I am Joseph Yacino. Thanks for watching.


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