Stretching for Heavy Weight Lifters

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Heavy weight lifters always need to stretch properly to avoid injury later on. Learn about stretching for heavy weight lifters with help from a certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Sandra Blackie. We're here at World Gym in Pacific Beach, and I'm going to show you three stretches that the heavy lifters most commonly use. Some of the common stretches I see are over the head for opening up the front part of the shoulder and the chest. Usually this is done to prepare themselves for the squat, believe it or not, so that they are open in the front. They also do it for other exercises as well. A stretch for the obliques involves extending the elbows overhead. You can clasp your hands together or use the bar like I'm demonstrating. But I'm stretching the sides of my body. All the way down from the shoulder joint to the hip joint. A real common squat stretch that I see the heavy lifters using is to get down in the actual squat position. It stretches the backside, the quadriceps and if you notice how my hands are, I'm actually pushing my elbows out against my knees for inner thigh and then gradually straightening the knees and rounding back up to the top. This stretch we see usually during a leg workout. Especially if the guys are in the squat rack or the ladies are in the squat rack. I'm stretching the quadriceps muscle. I'm opening up the front of the hips. And make sure that both sides are stretched. A typical stretch should be somewhere between 15 and 20 seconds long regardless of the stretch, to increase flexibility. These 3 exercises that I've just shown you are most commonly used in the big gyms like World Gym, San Diego.


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