Holiday Cheese Appetizer Platter Recipe

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One great way to ring in the holidays is with a delicious holiday cheese appetizer platter. Get tips on how to make a holiday cheese appetizer from a great recipe with help from a specialty food expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Robert Lambert of Robert Lambert Specialty Foods, and I'm putting together a cheese appetizer display here that's great for the holidays, great for anytime and cheese and crackers can be made special with accoutrements and other preserves and jellies and jams. My dark cherries and Merlot are going to go really nicely with that Dutch Gouda in front. It's going to be really nice with the fruit, the salty, these preserve cherries are going to be very nice with this Dutch Gouda and then I am going to top brie with my four orange marmalade and these are four different types of oranges that I've blended so you are just going to take a slice of cheese and a little dribble of marmalade at the same time. Okay, membrillo is a paste made from quince and it is actually the original marmalade from the Middle Ages, really really going to be interesting with this manchego cheese. Manchego cheese is a dry sheep's milk cheese from Lamancha in Spain and it is ideal and traditionally paired with membrillo. So that's what we're doing here is the manchego, membrillo combination. Then, I have a fig jam which has a lot of lemon and some cognac and a lot of other things that's going to keep it interesting and keep it from being too sweet and I'm going to pair that with a fromage blanc but I'm going to just put it onto the plate, spread it around the margins and then I've taken some fromage blanc which is a wet farmer's cheese and it came in a little plastic container and when I got it home I whetted a piece of cheesecloth and pulled up the corner, stuck it in the middle and I pulled out the corners and just twisted it and formed it into a ball and this way you have a beautiful texture of the cheesecloth fabric across the top and that's going to make a beautiful little presentation and that is fig jam with fromage blanc or farmer's cheese. The last thing that I'm going to add to this table is one of my world famous fruitcakes. I know fruitcakes have a bad rep but I've gotten a lot of mileage out of these cakes and it's my grandmother's recipe. What I've done is taken out all the candied fruit and added my own home candied citrus peels. It's made a big difference and people just go crazy over this cake and it's perfectly at home on a cheese platter. It's cheese, it's fruit and nuts and those things traditionally go very very nicely with cheese. So this fruitcake is going to be very very good and very appropriate with either the fromage blanc or the brie and that is how we put together a holiday cheese platter and it's great fun for a couple to put together too for their friends.


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