Thai Lime, Pepper & Beef Salad

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You simply haven't lived until you've tried delicious Thai lime, pepper and beef salad that you've made right in your own kitchen. Make Thai lime, pepper and beef salad with help from a specialty food expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Well hello, this is Robert Lambert of Robert Lambert's Specialty Foods, and today I'm doing a Thia lime pepper and beef salad and what I'm going to use for the beef is these fillet tails, there very hard to find you can't always find them, there's only one on each beef tenderloin and they cut it up they're cutting up in to steaks usually and this is the piece that's too thin to cut into a steak and they, they call them fillet tails. They're really nice for salads, they're nice for stir fries because when you slice them you're going across the grain rather than with the grain and it gives you a nice texture you can see the center if it's, if it's a rare and it looks really good in a salad. So I'm going to marinate them in Thai fish sauce which is one of the basic building blocks of Thia food and a little soy sauce, this is one tablespoon of each and Kaffir lime syrup, Kaffir lime syrup is one of my products it's all my syrups are made by candying the peals of the fruit of the tree and then adding the juice of the fruit back to that candying solution, so it's all of the essential oils in the peal combined with the flavor of the juice. I'm just going to whisk these three ingredients together. I'm going to marinate these for a little or as, as much want, I'd say usually about an hour is sufficient or less than that it's fine. And I'm going to saute these now, so I'm going to saute these fillet tails maybe about 3 minutes on each side, medium rare and I'm just using vegetable oil because no other oil is really appropriate for Thia cooking they really don't have a lot of olive trees in Thailand so it wont be olive oil. You can even do these ahead and just hold them and they will stay where ever you stop the cooking and they can still be rare inside and they will still be good to slice on to a salad. You don't really want them hot when it goes onto the salad because you don't want wilt the greens. Okay and it's done and going to let that rest for a few minutes while I complete the dressing. I really like to do dressings in a jar because it's just really simple and it really combines everything very efficiently. So the dressing is 2 tablespoons of Kaffir lime syrup, 2 tablespoons of Thia ginger syrup and a quarter of a cup of fresh lime juice and I'm just going to slice a Serrano chili and add that and the lime juice, just cap it, just shake it to combine and you don't really need to use oil in these dressings because of the viscosity of the sugar syrup is going to coat the leafs and you want need oil. I'm going to combine a half a head of Napa cabbage which is a nice Asian variety of cabbage, very tender and one grated carrot, one yellow bell pepper chopped and one jalapeno, we're just going to toss that, it's pretty, really pretty. And I'm going to add some of the dressing and I'm not going to add all of it because I'm going to reserve a little to pour over the meat when I add, when I add it to the plate, but it's okay if some of the chilies go in. And we're just going to plate this, oh it's good. So I'll plate the salad and then I'll slice the meat on top. Okay and that is my Thia lime pepper and beef salad.


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