Recipe for Blueberry Mascarpone Cheesecake

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When making blueberry mascarpone cheesecake, you're always going to want to make sure you have a few key ingredients for maximum deliciousness. Get a recipe for blueberry mascarpone cheesecake with help from a specialty food expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I am Robert Lambert of Robert Lambert's Specialty Foods, and today I am making a blueberry mascarpone cheese cake. I'm going to start with the crust which is a gram cracker crust and crushed gram crackers, the way I like to crush them is to just fill a plastic bag with the crackers and roll over it with a rolling pin or even a wine bottle and it's really clean, really easy, you're not making any mess and then just dump it right out of, of the bag all crushed. Now that is one and a half cups of gram cracker crumbs and this is 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, I'm sorry, tablespoon and it's seams like really a lot, but once it starts baking and you smell it you're, you're going to know that that it's not too much and add the butter, half a cup, half a cup, one stick and just blend that really well. Okay and press it in just even it out and you want to press this really firmly in so it makes a good solid crust that cuts nicely, that looks good and I'm going to bake this, prebake it for 10 minutes at a 350 degree oven. And while that's baking I'm going to start the batter. Mascarpone is Italy's version of cream cheese and it's not quite as firm, but it has a wonderful flavor so I'm going to blend that with a pound of regular cream cheese, the mascarpone is too soft to use on it's own, it's fine when it's blended with the regular cream cheese and it gives it the flavor without compromising the texture. I'm going to beat in a cup of sugar, I'm going to beat these together till they're smooth till all the sugar is incorporated and the cheeses are combined and smooth. That's looking good, start adding the eggs and I always hit the eggs on a flat surface rather than, than on the edge of the bowl, when you whit it on the edge of the bowl you're are more likely to shatter the shell and get pieces of shell in your batter and if you hit it on a flat surface you're forming a thumb hole for both your thumbs so you can break the membrane and get into the egg without breaking the, the shell and shattering it and getting it in the batter. So it's simple as that and we're there and now I'm going to check my crust and we'll be ready to fill. With a gram cracker crust like this it has risen a little bit from the heat and so I just want to press it down a little more firmly to give us a really good base. And just fill the pan. Okay and now for the blueberry part what I'm using is my wild blueberry lemon jam and it's half wild blueberries and half cultivated. The thing with blueberries is there's wonderful flavor, but when you make jam out of them adding sugar really kills the flavor so what I've done is break down the flavor and intensify it by using flavors that mimic the blueberry flavor when they're all put together and I, so I've used a little bit of pineapple juice, a little bit of Meyer lemon, some very fine Cognac, Meyer lemon zest, some of my raspberry champagne jelly and a little bit of Thai ginger syrup which is galangal root, it's used in Thai food a lot. And I'm going to add first a quarter of a cup of the jam directly to the batter and I'm going to put it in a circle and then stir it in with a knife or spatula and you don't want to over blend it, you want to see those streaks when you cut it, okay. Now this is all set and this is going into a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes and then reduce the heat by 25 degrees to 325 and bake for another half an hour. Okay this has cooled for enough time now that I can unmold it and I'm going to start by releasing the edge, open up the spring form and there it is. And I'm going to add another half a cup of the jam. Okay and I'm going to finish it with extra blueberries. Okay and there you have my blueberry mascarpone cheese cake.


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