Fruit Skewers With a Yogurt Dipping Sauce

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One great way to make fruit skewers even more delicious is to add a nice yogurt dipping sauce into the equation. Make fruit skewers with a yogurt dipping sauce with help from a longtime personal chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

What's up, guys? Chef Plum here with, and today we're going to make a super simple treat. It's going to be fruit skewers with a yogurt dipping sauce, check it out. Alright guys here we are ready to make our yogurt dipping sauce first to go with our delicious fruit skewers and what I've got here is about a cup and a half of French vanilla yogurt. We're just going to put that right in there just like this. Now I've also got a little bit of brown sugar. I like to use brown sugar because I enjoy the depth that it gives to stuff and that's about half a cup of brown sugar. We're going to use one dash of ground clove, dash and a half, sorry, a little dash of nutmeg and two dashes or so of cinnamon, just like that. We're going to whisk it around with your spatula like this, just like that and we're going to add a little bit of orange juice to it and that's about a quarter cup, put all of our dishes aside, grab our trusty whisk, whisk it around, get everything nice and incorporated together, just like this. This is a great after school snack or if you even wanted to kick it up a notch and make it a little bit more classy for a dinner event, you could take your skewers, your fruit skewers, there you go and toss them on the grill and grill them. Now a fruit skewer I think goes without saying. You want to use a fruit that's going to be you know, more solid something perhaps like a cantaloupe like this. You don't want to try to push an orange through it, it's not going to stick. So there's really no right or wrong. This is an orange and a little piece of mango, a cantaloupe, I'm going to use a little kiwi, but I'm going to go right through the middle of the kiwi where it's a little bit stronger just like this. I'm going to throw another piece of cantaloupe on there, some more mango, now watch poking your finger on there like I always do, grapes, there's no right or wrong here guys. There's no rhyme or reason, we're just putting fruit on a stick, just like this. There we go. We'll finish it off with another piece of kiwi, alright, fruit skewers with a little yogurt dipping sauce. Now again you could take these and put them on a grill, when you put little nice char marks on them, it makes it a little bit more classy, probably adds a little dimension of flavor for adults if you wanted to or just like this for the kids. You could have the kids even make these just be careful of the sharp ends. Here's your yogurt dipping sauce. It tastes fantastic. I'm Chef Plum from, and that's how you make fruit skewers with yogurt dipping sauce. See you next time.


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