Homemade Freezer Fruit Cups

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Homemade freezer fruit cups are a great, quick treat to enjoy on a warm day. Make homemade freezer fruit cups with help from a longtime personal chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, what's up, guys? Chef Plum here from PlumLovesFood.com, and today I'm going to make homemade freezer fruit pops. Hold on to your seats. All right guys, for our homemade freezer fruit cups we're going to start with taking a banana and just chopping it up a little bit. Make little discs and we're going to take it and put it right in to this bowl. Now this is going to yield about four to six depending on big you're going to make them. This is little mandarin oranges, about half a cup or so of mandarin oranges. Just going to put that right in there. This is about a tablespoon of brown sugar. Can't go wrong with sugar. This is a frozen fruit which you can buy at any grocery store, just in the freezer section. Mine is defrosted a little bit, but we're just going to drop that right in there too. It's got strawberries, some oranges, I think a little apricot in there as well. Then we're going to take a little bit of OJ. This is about half a cup of OJ right in there. Get it all nice and mixed. You want to make sure that sugar gets mixed up well in there. And you'll get this mixture right here. Look at all this color, isn't that fantastic? Just like that. All right guys our mixture is nice and mixed up here, everything is nice and incorporated and we've got our little cupcake sheet here. So what I like to do is I'll take a spoonful just like this and we'll just spoon it right in there. And another one, just like this. Another spoonful. Now we're going to take some of this mixture, the liquid that's in there, we're going to top it off with the liquid once we've got it all spooned in. And you can make them even too because you'll have some of the fruit left as well. So we're going to even them out. This guy could use another piece of banana. And this guy could use another piece here. And then just going to pour some of the remaining liquid and just like this. To the ones that need it. You can just use your eyes and you'll be able to tell. Now perfect. A trick that I like to do is you take a straw, like this, cut it into a small piece and you're going to stick it right into the center there. Just like that. So once it freezes, you have something to hold it by. This straw will freeze right in to the center of it. Just like that. We're going to pop these in the freezer and we'll see what we got in a minute. All right guys, we've pulled them out of the freezer, they're nice and frozen. You can see how our straws stay right in there, just like that. Makes a nice little handle for them to pick them up by just like this for the kids. They do come out sometimes, but that's OK. And you can see they're great snack for kids after school. It's even fun to make with your kids. Cook with your kids, it's a lot of fun. Thanks a lot guys, I'm Chef Plum from PlumLovesFood.com, and that's how you make homemade frozen freezer pops. That's great.


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