Fruit Salad With Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

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The only thing better than regular fruit salad is fruit salad with raspberry frozen yogurt. Prepare fruit salad with raspberry frozen yogurt with help from a longtime personal chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

What's up, guys? Chef Plum here from and today I'm going to make a fruit salad using raspberry frozen yogurt. It's going to be awesome. So we're going to start this off by taking a whole banana and just cutting it up into pieces like this. Again it doesn't have to be perfect and I'm going to halfsies it one time too just like this. There we go. We're going to put this in our bowl and if you see here right in front of me I've got about half a cup of mandarin oranges, just going to dump that right in. This is about three quarters of a cup of frozen fruit you can buy from any grocery store whatsoever. Mine is thawed out a little bit but the frozen food is great because it has a little bit more of that sugary taste to it that comes naturally from the natural sugars. We're going to drop that in there just like that, the bowl is not actually part of the deal. And then this is a little bit of regular raspberry yogurt. It's one container, I believe it's an eight ounce container. I'm just going to put that right in there just like this, there we go and mix it all up, just incorporate everything all together nicely just like this. Now the way I'm going to do this is I'm actually going to put this in a cupcake tin. Another fun way to do it would be just to put it in one big bowl and freeze the whole bowl and then bring it out when you need to have it for your party or something like that, so let's put it in the cupcake tins. This is probably going to be good for about four to six, roughly depending on how big your cupcakes are going to be. You can always multiply it or add more fruit or add more yogurt, not to mention any kind of fruits you want to use would be fine. I'd be careful with using apples a little bit though unless you cut them really small because apples tend to be kind of tough to eat when they are frozen. I would stick with softer fruits, bananas are great, mandarin oranges are great because of the liquid content in them, they freeze nicely. So there we go, just like that. We're going to pop these right into the freezer and we'll pull them out in a minute. So we've got our frozen yogurt fruit salad cups pulled out of the freezer and plated up here. They look fantastic and I tell you what, they make a great snack for the kids after school or even for a tea party, a dinner party, a great little appetizer or even an aperitif before a course in a dinner. It's fantastic, you can't go wrong. Alright guys there you have it. I'm Chef Plum from, and that's how you make raspberry frozen yogurt fruit salad. Perfect for dinner parties. I'm going to find me a dinner party.


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