How to Make Oven-Roasted Vegetables Without Using Oil

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Just because you're making oven-roasted vegetables doesn't mean you're going to have to use oil. Find out how to make oven-roasted vegetables without oil with help from a longtime personal chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys. What's up? This is Chef Plum from and this is how to make roasted vegetables with no oil. Alright guys so we're making roast vegetables with no oil and what I've got here is a zucchini and it's a regular squash and a little piece of red pepper here which is perfect. So we're going to take the ends off like this. You probably could eat these ends but I don't like to. I don't think they taste good and we're just going to cut chunks. You kind of want to keep it chunks like this and make sure the pieces stay close to the same size because if you don't, they will cook faster than the other pieces. The same thing here, just cut it into chunks, nice size. Now one of the reasons to use a squash and a zucchini is they kind of act like sponges and that's exactly what we want to do because we're not going to use any oil. Then we'll take the pepper and just quarter it and like I said it's about half a pepper, I'm sorry, a quarter piece of a pepper, toss it right in there. Now we've got our vegetables in there, we're going to add a little salt, a little bit of black pepper. Don't be cheap with the black pepper either. Black pepper is a fantastic thing we have. Now I also like to add a little bit of dried oregano leaves. When you use oregano or dried anything, smush it in between your fingers a little bit. What that does is it releases the natural scents and flavors in the dry herb. Here's a little dried basil. This is just a pinch of each, there we go, put them aside. We're going to use a little bit of this vinegar here. I'm going to put in there probably about a tablespoon, a tablespoon and a half. The balsamic is great because of the sweetness and it gets absorbed by the vegetables as they roast. Now my trick is I take a microplane like this which is kind of like a very fine grater and a lemon and we're going to just zest a little bit of lemon zest into there, there we go. Make sure when you are zesting you don't get the white part inside the lemon, that is not a very tasty part of the lemon, there we are. Everything is in there, we're just going to toss them together to make sure everything gets mixed up. You could use your hands of course, a spoon, again we're cooking food, we're not building rocket ships and we're just going to dump it right into our pan here, there we go. Spread things out a little bit and we're going to pop them right in our oven at 400 for about 20 minutes or so. Check it out, there you have it, looks like roasted vegetables to me, only there's no oil, no olive oil, no canola oil, nothing, we used a little bit of lemon zest and a little bit of balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and some dry herbs. Smells great. I'm Chef Plum from and yes, you can roast vegetables with no oil. See you later.


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