Can Whole Wheat Flour Be Used to Fry Foods?

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Whether or not whole wheat flour can be used to fry foods depends entirely on a few key things. Find out if you can use whole wheat flour to fry foods with help from a longtime personal chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

What's up, guys? Chef Plum from, and today we're going to see, can you fry something in wheat flour? Check it out. All right, guys. What I've got here right now is a white whole wheat flour. Now you can get lots of different types of wheat flours, but this is what I happen to have here right now. And one of the key thing you gotta remember with your dough is you have to season the flour. That's kind of the key thing with all of it. When you use a regular whole wheat flour that's brown, it's going to kind of taste a little weird if you don't season it. You can fix that weirdness by actually adding a little salt and pepper to it, salt being the key thing. So there we go. Now we're just going to mix it up a little bit just like this. And now we're going to do a standard breading technique. One hand wet, one hand dry. So here's our dry one, I'm actually going to run this through twice. So we're just going to dip it in like that and then we're going to drop it. This is a little milk right here, whole milk. Right into the whole milk with my wet hand. Take it out, back into the dry. There we go. Put this right into our bowl. And repeat. We'll do all three at the same time, now, just like this. Into the wet, take it out. Re-coat it with the flour, just like that. Using the wet hand still. If you don't do one hand wet, one hand dry you're going to have two hands that are covered flour that just will not come off. And it's tough to wash that I promise you. And the last one just like this. All right. Let's take them over and fry them up. Come on. All right, guys. So we're over here at our burner and I've got a little bit of canola oil in a pan here. Roughly I'd say a quarter of a cup in this little pan. You want just enough to cover your vegetables as you're frying them. And again, these are done in wheat flour. So we're nice and hot here, we're going to drop them right in. There we go. You have to make sure it's hot because if it's not, all it's going to do is wash off your flour. And keep in mind this is seasoned flour with salt and pepper. Very key. We're going to let these go for a minute, we're going to flip them over, cook the other side and pull them out. Almost there. They'll kind of tell you when they're ready because they'll float. And we're just about there. All right, guys. These are just about done. Perfect. Let's put them here on this pad, just like this. All right. Let's get them back over here to the cutting board to see how we did. All right, guys. I've taken our zucchini out that we fried using whole wheat flour, put it on a plate with a little sauce. There you have it, the answer to your question, yes you can pan fry in whole wheat flour. I'm chef Plum from, and that's how you fry with whole wheat flour.


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