How to Make Something Sweet Without Using Eggs

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Just because you have a taste for something sweet doesn't mean that you're going to have to use eggs. Find out how to make something sweet without using eggs with help from a raw chef and certified nutrition counselor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, you all. What's good? It's Chelsea Silverman back at you and I am super excited to show you how to make something sweet without using any egg. So, all the possibilities I know, but here at Juiceateria, as the Raw Vegan Chef, I like to make something that we call a chia pudding. And I'm going to show you how we do it. So, we're going to use our chia seeds that I've soaked in water, filtered water, some coconut meat, coconut oil, almond milk, raw honey, protein powder; this is optional, I don't mind having some protein, build in strong bones, I'm sure you guys don't either; some cinnamon for some added flavor and some goji berries. So, we'll go ahead and start mixing it all up into our Vitamix. Chia, chia. So, we'll go ahead and put our soaked chia seeds in here. Chia seeds are ancient. I love these little suckers. They provide you with omega threes, it provide you with energy, it's also known as the runner's food. So, just put your common sense together and what do you think chia seeds do for you. Okay. And then, we'll go ahead and put our coconut oil. THis is going to add some nice texture into our little pudding that we're making, something sweet without using any egg. This is my favorite something sweet kind of recipe to do because I love plant-based foods and super foods mot importantly. So, we'll go ahead and add one more tablespoon of coconut oil. Throw that to the side. I'm going to go ahead and go in with our protein next, our hemp protein. Again, this is optional, but it will add some nice texture into the works and you get protein on top of it and amino acids too because that's what's in this protein powder. We'll go ahead, this is like a lot of stuff in here, but it's all good things, you're going to be jumping off the wall. Goji berries for Vitamin A, Vitamin C, it's all you want to be. Some honey, drizzle it in; I like to make little like shapes and stuff; I'm going to do a happy face now because I'm so happy that I'm going this half chia pudding in like a minute. And we have the coconut meat, I did do coconut oil, so I'm just going to do a teaspoon of this, if I can get it out, there we go. A little bit different flavor than the coconut oil, so we'll spice it up a little bit; a nice teaspoon there. And then, we'll do our almond milk. Now that we know how much we have in our blender, we'll know how much almond milk we want to use. So, with this, I'm going to do up to two to two and a half cups. And lastly, we'll sprinkle some cinnamon. Hmm, smells so good. I like to just dust it right on top and we'll go ahead and make this into our something sweet without using any eggs, which I like to call chia pudding with a lot of super foods. Oh, I got chia on my fingers. Okay. So, here we have it, a nice looking pudding with chia seeds. Mmm, this smells so good. I can't wait that long. Sorry. Mmm, that is so good. So, I'm going to grab a cup; actually, let me grab a bowl because pudding should be eaten out of a bowl. Let me grab another spoon because nobody's going to want to eat off the spoon that I just licked. So, the chia seeds got ground up, which is nice 'cause that's good for your digestion. And then, you have all the other super foods ground up in here, your goji berries, your raw honey, your coconut and you're ready to go. So, go ahead and enjoy it; feel strong, live long. Bonjour!


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