How to Make a Durian Shake

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Durian is an exotic fruit that is great for the body in a number of key ways. Find out how to make a durian shake with help from a raw chef and certified nutrition counselor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

What's up, guys? I'm Chelsea Silverman, Executive Vice-President, Health Director and Raw Vegan Chef here at Juiceateria and I have something special to share with you guys today. Durian. You haven't heard of it? Go get it. A little stinky, but so good and so beneficial and we, it's ex, it's an exotic fruit, so we don't get it anywhere, so we want to put it in our body any chance that we can. So, with this smoothie, it's going to be a durian smoothie and we're going to use durian, coconut water and of course, the super foods that I love, some Spirulina, blue green algae, some bee pollen, great for energy, a lot of athletes use use this and of course, some raw honey. So, we'll go ahead and put all of our delicious ingredients into our Vitamix. The durian; if you know durian, you know you should be holding your nose; coconut water, that is freshly just opened. We'll do, how many ounces am I at? Sixteen. And then, we'll go with our Spirulina and I'm missing a spoon, so I'm just going to eye it out like this. That looks good. That looks real good actually. A lot of protein in this, so go for it. Bee pollen also has some protein, a lot of energy. As I said, athletes use this, so if you know athletes, they're using it, it's definitely going to help you out. And our raw honey, drizzle, drizzle. I like to make shapes, so, I'm doing a heart right now, then I'm filling it in. You can do a star, whatever floats your boat, happy face. Okay. And enough of my dorkiness, let's just blend this up and drink it. So, this nice green color is all coming from the Spirulina. If you didn't use any Spirulina, it would be a durian color, yellowish. And our smoothie, durian smoothie is ready to go. Mmm, I smell durian, but it's masked with the Spirulina, the honey takes over, control a little bit; it's going to be good. Durian does not taste like what it sounds like, I promise. So, here's a durian smoothie. You can see it has nice texture, everything meshed well together and it has super foods. Mmm, that is super good. That durian is out of this world. Please go try this, make this at home, get fresh durian; frozen if you have to, and enjoy. This will add strength to your muscles, your bones. It'll add detoxing to your life. Just go for it and enjoy.


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