How to Extract Juice of Wheatgrass in a Blender

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Extracting the juice of wheatgrass can be accomplished with a blender and by following a few basic steps. Find out how to extract the juice of wheatgrass in a blender with help from a raw chef and certified nutrition counselor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, what's going good, guys? I'm your girl, Chelsea Silverman and I'm here at Juiceateria. I'm the Health Director and the Raw Vegan Chef and I'm going to teach you how to extract the juice of this beautiful wheatgrass in a blender; totally cool. So, if you don't have a wheatgrass machine at home 'cause they're really expensive, then this is the easiest way to go to get your chlorophyll and your protein all from this little plant. So, we're obviously going to use some wheatgrass and I have filtered water here and then some coconut water. That kind of depends on you if you want a little bit more sweetness, use coconut water; if you don't really mind about flavor, then just go for your filtered water. So, I'm going to go for my filtered water, but I'm going to keep the coconut water right near me just in case. And we'll open up our blender and we'll just go ahead and start sticking in our wheatgrass so we can extract some juice. So, I'll start with a nice cups worth of wheatgrass and a finger full and then, I'm going to add about eight ounces of water. And then, we simply we'll blend it up in our blender. [Laugh]. You need muscles to do this one. [Laugh]. But, the cool thing about this is wheatgrass will help give you muscles. So, you need to do this in order to get the muscles and extract the juice. I love it. Turn it up. And then, you'll do your last step which is making a little bit of a mess, but it's all good 'cause that's what Brian is here for, to help me clean everything up. And this smells like wheatgrass you all, okay. I am not messing around, I'm going to use a strainer over here to extract the juice of the wheatgrass and how neat is this, you don't even need to purchase a wheatgrass machine in order to get your daily dose of wheatgrass. You just need a blender, preferably a Vitamix and you have wheatgrass juice right here and then, you can use the froth or the excess into a smoothie or whatever you want, compost. So, I'm going to take a shot right quick because I need to wake my booty up. Mmm, it's really good. And you know what makes it awesome, it's not too strong because we added the filtered water. So, if you also, you added the coconut water, great for afternoon gym, great for first thing in the morning. You name it, you got it, just get your wheatgrass on you all.


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