Juice Blends for Blueberries

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You can make many different juice blends right at home using delicious blueberries as a primary ingredient. Make juice blends for blueberries with help from a raw chef and certified nutrition counselor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

What's up, guys? I'm Chelsea Silverman, the health director and raw chef here at Juiceateria, and I'm going to show you how to make a berry juiced smoothie. So basically this is going to be antioxidant heaven. We're going to do blueberries, coconut water for the base, Stevia for a little sweetness and dun, dun, dun, my favorite super foods, we're going to do some Maca Powder and hemp seeds for some more super foods and for some clean protein. So we're going to go ahead and put this all into our vitamix and have a blueberry heaven smoothie. So we'll take all of our blueberries, these are already washed and ready to go, plop, and we'll take our coconut water for our base, electrolytes and potassium, hey, we'll add that in or just add in what I have left in here which is a little bit over eight ounces so it's perfect, everything works out. And then we'll go ahead and add some of our Stevia. This will add some natural sweetness. I'm just going to add about five to eight drops, not dropper fulls but drops. Too much Stevia would be like you won't want to drink it, promise. And then we'll go into our Maca Powder. Again, Maca, energy, stamina, libido, amino acids, it just has it all. It just really balances you from the inside out, energy, numero uno and then we have our hemp seeds, a lot of protein. These will make you feel high without actual THC because they are such concentrated super foods, you'll just feel elevated and lifted and then, I'm going to add a little bit of ice because our ice has filtered water and I love me some water and we'll go ahead and blend it up. So, we'll start at a small speed, we'll slow it down, come to a stop. This looks so, um, this smells good, I smell the Maca. So go ahead and pour this in to our handy dandy cup. This looks nice. I am liking, so here we have it, a berry juiced smoothie and this is filled with antioxidants plus I went ahead and added some super foods such as hemp seeds and Maca and this will have you energized throughout the day, feeling so good. I'm just going to taste it really fast, um, that is so good, prove how good it is. So have yourself an antioxidant filled day, cheers.


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