How to Make a Good Fruit Blender Drink

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When making a good fruit blender drink, you're always going to want to keep a few key things in mind. Find out how to make a good fruit blender drink with help from a raw chef and certified nutrition counselor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

What's shaking, guys? It's Chelsea Silverman here at Juiceateria, your Health Director, your Executive Vice-President and your Raw Vegan Chef. And I'm going to teach you a fruit blending drink right now. So, really, anything can go with this, but, I'm going to do some fresh berries or frozen berries; I'm going to do avocado and usually, people do banana, but sometimes I don't like bananas, it's too heavy on my stomach, so I'm going to do avocado; you get the same texture and there's no real flavor and you get all the benefits of an avocado, double whammy. And then, we're going to use almond milk as a base. We're going to use a little bit of vanilla flavoring. We're going to use a super food, mesquite powder and lastly, we're going to do a few drops of Stevia just to add some sweetness. And we're going to go ahead and make this fruit-blended berry drink right now. There ain't no stopping me, right? So, we'll go ahead, we'll pour all of our good straight into here, our Vitamix. Yum! And then, we'll start, we'll do our base of almond milk and again, you can do water, you can do coconut milk, you can do really whatever you want to do. I'm going to do between one to two cups. Then, we'll add a little bit of vanilla flavoring. This will add some nice flavor to the mix over here. Nothing too strong, maybe a drop more and we'll add our mesquite powder. Mesquite powder is high in zinc, potassium and iron and on top of all that, it's really good for blood sugar levels. So, for those of you that are diabetic or you're very sensitive to sugar, go for mesquite powder, add it into your smoothies, your oatmeal, your coffee, whatever it is and you'll balance yourself out. And lastly, our Stevia; uno, dos, tres, cuatro, perfect, you don't want too much. And I'm going to add a little bit of ice just to make it chilled and the ice we use here at Juiceateria is made with filtered water; so, why not hydrate while neutralize your body. And let's blend this up. Nice. Ohh! I'm really excited for this one if you can tell. I don't know why, maybe my body is craving berries and it needs all these antioxidants. But, this looks so delicious. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited. You guys can check it out real, right quick. Let me just take a quick sip. Mmm, mmm, that's really good. Wow! That's super good. So, I probably have a berry mustache, but it's berry good. So, [Laugh], have a berry good diet with your berry blended smoothie. Ciao!


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