How to Make Your Own Protein Drink With Brown Rice Flour

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Many people don't realize that you can make your own delicious protein drink with brown rice flour and a few other basic ingredients. Make your own protein drink with brown rice flour with help from a raw chef and certified nutrition counselor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Yo, what's going good, guys? It's your girl, Chelsea Silverman here at Juiceateria. I'm your Executive Vice-President, Health Director and Raw Vegan Chef. And right here, right now, I'm going to show you how to make a protein shake with brown rice flour. So, we're going to start with our base of coconut water, many electrolytes, muy bien. Then, we're going to go into our plant-based hemp protein powder, 17 grams of protein. Then, we'll move into our brown rice flour, which will keep you energized throughout the day, it's a complex carb; so good. And I'm going to incorporate some super foods because love me some super foods; just call me Supergirl, or something like that and we have some coconut oil which will strip out the bad fat in your body, put in the good fat that your body needs. Goji berries, these will keep you from getting sick 'cause it has so much Vitamin C. Mulberries, another awesome super food or super fruit, that's a berry and this has a lot of iron in it, it's so good for you. Lastly, maca, if you know me, you know this is my best friend. I love it so much; adds awesome flavor, good for libido, good for balancing hormones, it's just good for all. So, let's get this smoothie going. So, we'll start with our base of our coconut water and you can do anywhere between eight and 16 ounces. I know that kind of sounds like a big difference; but, it's really whatever floats your boat and how hungry you are that day. I'm going to do 16 ounces because I want to share with the people I have here with me today that are so kind. And then, we'll add our protein powder. So, this is good for after a workout, it's good, pre-workout possibly, or it's good whenever you're hungry and you just want that shake. And we'll put in our delicious complex carb of brown rice flour. It already smells really good. And then, because I love super foods, put some gojis in, nice, nice handful, so I won't be getting sick this season. Some mulberries, this will add nice flavor and again, you get iron, it's good for your bones, your hair, your skin, your nails. Maca powder; now this will, is awesome for after workout, it has amino acids and it will provide you energy throughout your day and if you're going home to your love one, you're in for a treat. Okay. And lastly, coconut oil. I love this stuff; so, we'll just pound that right in there and then, we're going to blend this up and have the best shake ever. So, I use a Vitamix, you can do this in whatever blender, whatever you have at home and just go for it. Alright. Perfect. And here we have it, finally, our awesome protein shake with brown rice flour and of course, I added super foods because I love them. Mmm, that actually smells delicious. Let me grab a cup over here, let me pour some in for you guys. This is really good, again, anytime of the day, post workout, dessert, you name it, you got it. Mmm, let's see what it tastes like. Mmm, that's super good. It actually does kind of tastes like cake batter which I never have. So, this is like a delish treat; excuse me. So, go ahead try it out, don't be scared, make it your own and enjoy.


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