Decorating Ideas With Vintage Outdoor Furniture

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Many different pieces of vintage outdoor furniture naturally lend themselves to some gorgeous decorating styles. Get decorating ideas with vintage outdoor furniture with help from an experienced interior design professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Jane Brown, from Jane Brown Interiors and, and I’m here at Vintage Green, a little antique store in New York on 31st and Broadway. And, they have some amazing little finds. Today, I’m actually going to talk about how to make outdoor vintage furniture look edgy and great, and how to use it. Now, I’m actually sitting on a really old wrought iron chair, and next to me I have an old drum – well, it’s actually chest – that was used for some sort of heavy-duty army equipment actually. And, we’re going to use these two pieces today and take them into 2012 with just a few simple tricks. So, how we make these pieces look really edgy and modern is we could do a number of things, but two things I’m going to look at today, one is, with a can of spray paint we could completely transform both these pieces. Now, this chair today, I’m going to actually transform into a stool so you can sit outside and use it as an extra seat. So, I actually quite like the raw, rustic look, but I have seen these pieces painted bright, luminous colors from hot pink to bright orange to beautiful sea blue, to a white. You know, white is a great showcase, sort of pinging off, you know, new colors. So, you could either leave it raw, or you could use spray paint and paint it, and that will give it a whole new lease of life and will make it look very current, very edgy. I’m also going to add some cushions or some fabric, some textures, and some layering that takes this from being just an ordinary piece that’s sort of shoved on the side to a real, like, garden variety statement of, you know, “I really want to sit down.” This is a great accent cushion I got from JCPenney here in New York, and it’s light, it’s bright, it’s colorful, it’s inviting. So, with just adding a simple cushion, volia! This chair has pizazz and shine. And, as I mentioned, if you were to paint this chair white, this would really ping. This is fabric – awesome fabric I’ve got, again, from JCPenney, and it’s a curtain. But, what I’m going to do is just make this into a simple cushion cover, then this becomes a seat for the garden. And again, voila! Very inexpensive, looks great for the outdoors and indoors, and it’s really welcoming and it’s taken a vintage piece and modernized it very affordably. This is a great, affordable, fast way, take an old vintage piece – this case, an old chest, and turn it into a luxury seating area where you can have friends over, and like I mentioned previously, you’ll paint this chest and have this accessory cushion. It’s just going to look amazing and really, you know, be a real statement piece where people want to come and sit down and say, “Where’d you get it?” So, thanks for watching, and I hope that’s helped.


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