Organic Strawberry Cheesecake

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Organic strawberry cheesecake requires ground almonds to give it that rich nutty flavor. Make organic strawberry cheesecake with help from the owner of a bed and breakfast in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Anna Maria de Freitas, the owner of The Harrison House Suites, The Tucker House Inn and Coho Restaurant in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington. Today I'm going to demonstrate how to make an organic strawberry cheesecake. So, the crust that I've chosen to do, is made with some ground almonds. So, I took some ground almonds and then, I toasted them, just so that they get a little bit more of a nutty flavor. There's two cups of almonds here, enough for the bottom of an eight inch, actually ten inch springform pan. Pour the almonds in and then, I have two tablespoons of melted, unsalted butter. And that's going to be my crust. Not only is this cheesecake going to be organic, the other nice thing, it's going to be gluten-free as well. So, I know a lot of our guests are gluten intolerant, so this is a nice crust, lots of flavor and it doesn't have any wheat or gluten in it. So, give this a good stir and you're seeing that the almonds are beginning to clump together. So, I'm going to pour this into my pan, and just spread it around, and just pat it down, so that it's nice and firm. If you don't want to use your fingers, you can use a glass, a ramekin, perfect, it's nice and secure. And then, I'll bake this for 350 degrees for about eight to ten minutes, just until the edges start turning a little bit golden brown. So, let me go put this in the oven. So, I've let this cool, because I don't want put my cheesecake filling in a hot crust. So, for our cheesecake filling, I'm going to come to my Cuisinart, you could use a standing mixer or a hand mixer, if you prefer. I have eight ounces of cram cheese, of organic cream cheese, it's softened. I like to have everything at room temperature, you get a much better emulsion. So, I'm going to puree this for a little bit, and I'm going to scrape it down and then, I'm going to add my sugar. And I have two-thirds of a cup of sugar. This recipe scales, I doubled it for the cheesecake that I just made. But then, I'm just going to have it, just for expediency sake. So, two-thirds of a cup of sugar. And I have Mascarpone, so I have eight ounces of Mascarpone cheese,and we're going to cram that in, nice. And then, I'm going to ad my eggs, when I get the time, here we go. And scrape on more time. And I'm going to add my last egg and a half a teaspoon of vanilla, and mix until combined, looks nice and creamy. O.k, so, we're going to pour this into our prepared pan. Before we do that, we should put some aluminum foil underneath here. I'm going to be cooking this in a water bath, that's how I did the other one. So, it cooks really evenly and the custard forms really quite nicely. So, let me get some aluminum foil and we'll cover this pan. So, we'll be immersing this in a hot water bath, at about half way up the sides. This cake's going to cook for about an hour and thirty minutes at 350 degrees. So, you might have to be adding more hot water as, as it continues to cook. And then, we're just going to pour this in. And say, this scale, you can do this in mini springform pans. You could double this and make it the size of the, the one that I have sitting to my left. And I'm going to set this aside. And I'll peel the aluminum off, of this one, take it out of the. And before I undo the hinge, I always like to score it, just to make sure that, if anything is stuck to the side of the pan. You will lose part of your cake on the pan, which will be quite a shame. O.k., and even after scoring, I like to gently open up the hinge to make sure nothing has still, there we go. So, in order to cut this, so we can make it a strawberry cheesecake, I have hot water here. So, I always like to heat my knife up and cut this with a hot knife, and just wipe it off. And then, just pull the knife back, wipe it off and then, heat it up again, here we go. So, it really cuts nicely like butter and doesn't leave any crumbs. First piece, as you know, is always the hardest, there we go. Let's set that right there, and we'll set this aside. So, I have a strawberry sauce, some organic strawberries and some of the strawberries as garnish. So, we're going to drizzle a little bit of the strawberry sauce, and I have some strawberries, we'll just place right, like there. And, a little mint here on the side, and another strawberry for garnish. So, there you go. I hope you enjoy your organic strawberry cheesecake, buon appetito.


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