How to Build Up Your Squat Comfortably

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Building up your squat comfortably always requires you to take a few important things into consideration. Build up your squat comfortably with help from the trainer of trainers in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is Tarik Tyler with, here at training, West Hollywood, and this is how to build up your squat comfortably. Well, the number one aspect of building up your squat comfortably is making sure you separate your heavy days from your lighter days. You can't simply squat heavy, heavy, heavy the entire time, otherwise, what ya do is you're gonna wind up with a lot of wear and tear on your joints, and a lot of time spent recovering because you didn't give your muscles enough time to recover. So, it's important to understand about building up your squat is about having days where your rep range, meaning the amount of times that you actually squat and the amount of sets that you do on separate per each time you squat. So, for example being, on a day when I'm going to go heavy, I'm going to squat with a four to six rep range with no more than four sets. My set, initially will be just however, a warm up set. Well, I'm going to do about 12 to 15 reps, just warming up. Progressively, I'm going to get heavier where my next set will be like, say, 8 reps, and then the next set after that will be four reps. That will be on one day. The following time when I would go out and squat again, that time of squatting, however, will be where my rep range is now higher because the amount of weight I'm doing is lighter. I'm giving my body enough time to recover from the heavy time that I squat, and working a little bit more on form, and improving my technique, perhaps either squatting a little bit deeper, and I'm just trying to progressively add just a little bit more wait, but still staying within the 12 to 15 rep range. This is Tarik Tyler, and this was how to build up your squat comfortably.


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