How to Attach Power Bands to Free Weights

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Power bands need to be attached to free weights in a very specific way for maximum safety. Attach power bands to free weights with help from the trainer of trainers in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Tarik Tyler with here at Train, West Hollywood, and this is how to attach power bands to free weights. So now what I have here is very very strong power bands, so I have to loop underneath first and then what I simply do is loop this through the other band and then pull it nice and tight. Now the band is secure. Once you have the band secured, simply step on the band to make sure not to have your weight placed upon it on the floor. Now the exercise I'm going to choose here is going to be bicep curls. Now if I want to increase the amount of tension on the band I simply spread my feet apart whereas if I want less tension on the band, I bring my feet together. Now performing a curl you've got a lot of force on the positive and on the negative portion of the rep, very effective and very easy to maintain the correct amount of tension. This is Tarik Tyler, and this was how to attach power bands to free weights.


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