Oven-Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Red Pepper Flakes

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Oven-roasted Brussels sprouts really taste great when paired with delicious red pepper flakes for extra flavoring. Make oven-roasted Brussels sprouts with red pepper flakes with help from a longtime experienced chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Benvenuti Amici, welcome to Isabella's Bella Cucina. My name is Isabella Morgia di Vicari, and I am going to teach you to make these beautiful roasted Brussels sprouts with pancetta, garlic, olive oil and red pepper flakes. And it doesn't get any easier than this. I've got to tell you, there's nothing like roasting tour vegetables, especially Brussels sprouts. So, here you go. All I did was take these beautiful Brussels sprouts and I cut them in half, I'm just going to put that in a bowl. I'm going to take this pancetta, and pancetta is just an Italian bacon or an Italian ham. And I'm just gong to cut it into small chunks, small pieces, I'm going to put them in there too. Now, you notice, there's not any salt on my table at the moment. Pancetta's got plenty of salt in it and so, it carries lots of flavor in itself, you won't need to any salt really, to this recipe. So, I'm going to put the pancetta in there. Of course, you've got to have a little bit of aglio, o.k., garlic. So, we're just going to chop that up real quick. By the way, let me share something with you. I don't know if you've heard, but I've read recently that if you actually cut your garlic up ahead of time, like right before you're ready to prepare a recipe. You know, ten, fifteen minutes ahead of time, and cut it up. All the health properties in the garlic actually gets started. So, if you go straight from chopping into the pan, you lose a lot of the significant health properties in it. So, do me a favor, remember, o.k., to take that garlic, chop it up ahead of time, give it like, ten minutes to rest, so to speak. Let those oils flow, and you are not only going to have incredible flavor, but you're going to have wonderful health. We all can use more wonderful health, great health. O.k., here we go, put that garlic in there, I'm going to add a little bit of crushed red pepper. Now, that crushed red pepper is to your liking. A little bit of olive oil, probably about a couple of tablespoons. I'm going to stir it up, give it a good stir. And I could tell you right now, I want a little more olive oil. Now, we're going to put this in the oven, 450 for 25 minutes. But there's a step in between, watch this. I'm going to put it on a sheet pan, a nice, shallow steep pan, because you don't want to steam this. Make sure you get all of these beautiful ingredients out here, you don't want to leave anything in the bowl. O.k., we're just going to spread it out, just like that. We're going to pop it in the oven, 450 for about a total of 25 minutes. But about half way through, let's say, ten to twelve minutes, you're going to open up the oven, pull it out and literally drizzle it, like a couple of tablespoons of water. To get the steam going and to cook it anymore, to cook it a little more. And what's going to happen at the final end, you're going to get these beautiful Brussels sprouts with these beautiful, round edges, incredibly flavored. And you are going to, if you didn't like them before, you're going to love them now. Look at these beautiful Brussels sprouts, I just love them and if you could just smell this. Look at the pancetta, how nice and crispy it is, and see the beautiful brown edges, you're going to love this. O.k., well, there's only one way to find out, oh, I want a piece of pancetta too. You're going to love this, the crispy pancetta, the beautiful, tender Brussels sprouts, the flavor, compliments any main meal. Make sure you make this for your next holiday party. Vivere bene amici, live well my friends, ciao.


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