Cheddar Broccoli Rice Cakes

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Cheddar broccoli rice cakes are a great treat that your entire family will adore. Make cheddar broccoli rice cakes with help from a longtime experienced chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Benvenuti amici, welcome to Isabella's Bella Cucina, and my name is Isabella Morgia di Vicari. Today, I'm going to teach you how to make these beautiful cheddar broccoli rice cakes. That's right, I said broccoli, because in Italian, that's how we say it, it's not broccoli, it's broccoli. I want to see that style, I want to see that smile when you say it, because it makes all the difference in the world. So, here we've got these fabulous ingredients. So, what did I do, I steamed some broccoli. So, guess what, if you don't like broccoli and you like asparagus or you like peppers. You can use this again, anyway to like. And the whole idea behind cooking, is to make it your way. So, I'm going to teach you the foundation, the rest is up to you. So, we've got some broccoli, we have some eggs. So, I've got a couple of eggs right here, I'm actually going to put them in here, because we're going to beat them up. I love Greek yogurt and this recipe is going to be so nice and creamy, and that's what we're using for the creaminess. And we all know how incredibly healthy Greek yogurt is for you. So, let's, don't want to miss any of that. O.k., Greek yogurt, I'm going to add some scallions, I love scallions. If you don't like them, leave them out. Here we go, add a few scallions, that looks good. Add a little bit of kosher salt, a little bit of cayenne. Now, we're going to add this beautiful broccoli. Notice that these broccoli are nice and tender, so tender that I like to eat them just the way they are. But you know what, because we're going to make these rice cakes, I'm just going to cut them up, just a little bit. O.k., so, I'm going to add them in there. And as you can see, I'm just steamy, as they're steamed right now, they're very easy to handle, they're nice and cool. These are about a great size, and you know, they're so, so tender, you don't even have to use a knife, you can just break them up, put them in there just like that. I think, that actually looks really good. Alright, I think, I've got enough in there. Let me stir this up a little bit, ah, don't forget the cheddar. Now, if you're not a white cheddar fan, I'm going to tell you to use mozzarella or fontina or whatever your favorite cheese is, we've got to put that in there, can't forget that. Alright, let's move this here, a minute, let's stir it up. Now, let's talk about the riso, the rice. Now, I used Arborio rice, a short grain rice. Now, just like you would make pasta, what would we do? We put the water on the boil, salt it really well, and throw the pasta in, right. Well, guess what? That's how you do this rice. You bring the water on the boil, salt it and throw a cup of this short grain rice in and cook it for about 20 minutes. And you notice, it's not going to absorb like you're making rice, any other dish. It's going to come out beautiful, just like it is. Make sure you drain it, and put it aside, because you want to be able to handle it cold. So, here it is, we're just going to add this in, just like that, and just give it a good stir. And this is going to be so moist, wait till you see what we do with this. Oh, it's beautiful as it is, I love these colors. So, I've got it stirred up pretty good right now. Now, the most important part at this point, is to cover it up with Saran wrap, put it in the refrigerator. Now, this is a great dish to do ahead of time. But if you want to make it the same day, as long as you have it in the refrigerator for about two hours, because you want it to firm up a little bit. And the very next thing we do, we'll put it together. So, I'm going to put this in the fridge. O.k., remember this mixture that we had in the refrigerator, getting nice and firm. Now, we're ready to make these beautiful cheddar broccoli rice cakes. Now, notice this little gadget here, that I have, an ice cream scoop. Because it makes the absolute perfect size. So, I'm just going to scoop this out, just like this. I'm going to probably put it like this for now, just leave it on my cutting board, I just need a work space. Because this will be the perfect size patty, here we go. Now, all I'm going to do, is make a patty, I want to move this, so you can see this. I want to put it in the Panko, you can leave that in there. I want to take this one and make sure that you've got them you know, forming nicely, nice and tight. Take this one out and I'm going to put this on the plate again, go this Panko on there, it's going to be nice and crisp. I'm going to put this on there as well. We use the Panko to help form the ball or the patty actually, the rice cake. And we've got one more, here we go, make a patty. I use this Panko right like this, right in my hand, just to make a nice crust. O.k., I'm going to go wash up and then, we're going to go fry them. So, you've got a nice, hot pan right now, we're going to put some olive oil on the bottom of this pan, coat it really well. You want that oil nice and hot, because we're going to put these patties in and you're actually going to brown them on each side. Can you hear that sizzle at this moment? Let's make sure, yeah. That olive oil is smoking there, just a little, it is ready. Um, I love this smell. You're going to leave this here just like this, we want it nice and crisp. That's the whole purpose of using Panko, you could use the other bread crumbs, it's just, it wouldn't give you the same crunchiness that you really need for this recipe. Alright, so, we're going to use the Panko as you saw, I'm going to brown them up really well. We're going to flip them, cook them another two or three minutes and then, we're going to taste them and you're going to see how creamy they are inside. And what a great appetizer, what a great side, instead of having rice on the side, why not have a broccoli cheddar rice cake, you'll love it. Let's check this out, ah, that is all for party, let's see. Yeah, we actually want to give it a little more color, that looks nice, a little more color on this one. As you can see, what they're supposed to look like. As soon as they're done, we'll plate them. Now, take a look at these beautiful broccoli cheddar rice cakes. Do they not look amazing? What a fabulous side dish, what a fabulous appetizer. If I were to use this as an appetizer, I would serve this with my signature pesto. And you will find that on my website. So, go to and look for Chef Isabella's signature pesto sauce. Serve this with a little bit of that on the side and honey, you are so happy. But you know what, we're going to see how happy we are, because I have got to try this, because they look so delicious. O.k., you've got to see this, it is so creamy on the inside. I mean, it looks like it's going to melt in my mouth, oh, I love the scallions. Excuse me, I'm doing way too much talking and I've got try this food. Um, absolutely amazing, so light, so fresh and so flavorful. Don't forget to try this at your next party. Thank you, vediamo di, ben amici, we'll see you again, ciao.


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