Butternut Squash Soup With Apples, Cream & Sage

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Butternut squash soup really tastes great when paired with apples, cream and some delicious sage. Make butternut squash soup with apples, cream and sage with help from a longtime experienced chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Benvenuti amici, welcome to Isabella's Bella Cucina. My name is Isabella Morgia di Vicari, and I'm going to teach you the most amazing butternut squash soup with apples, sage and a touch of cream. So let's get started. So we're going to get started here. I'm going to put a little bit of butter in my stock pot and I'm going to roast these wonderful, not roast, excuse me, I'm going to saute some onions right now. Most of the time when I deal with butternut squash, I usually roast it and I make a wonderful soup that way as well but this recipe is even simpler, wait until you find out how simple it is. So what did I do, I am actually sauteing these beautiful onions and I'm going to throw this butternut squash in right now. Now I've got to tell you the hardest part of this recipe is cutting the butternut squash. I'm going to be the one to say, buy it pre-cut because it is a royal pain in the neck to get it, I don't care how sharp your knife is, it just seems to be so much easier to get somebody else to do that part and I'm sure your guy in produce will be happy to do it for you. After all, today customer service is so important, so we've got the butternut squash and we've got the onions and I'm just going to stir that up, just a little bit right now and now we're going to add our stock and it's always best when you add your stock to make sure it's nice and hot. Hear that sizzle? You can hear the sizzle but if you could smell all these ingredients already, just love it. So all we're going to do at this point is just soften these vegetables. It doesn't take hardly any time at all to soften that butternut squash. So we're going to go, let this soften up, give it about ten minutes or so and then what am I going to do? Throw in these Granny Smith apples. Now, when I think of Granny Smith apples, I couldn't resist. They're usually pretty tart but I have got to tell you, when you add it in this soup, it actually sweetens it up, it's beautiful. Let's toss them in right now. Now we've got some key ingredients. I'm going to add a little bit of nutmeg, a little bit of sweet curry, a touch of cayenne because you know I'm the chef that likes a kick, just a touch of salt and we're going to let this cook. It will probably take about 15 minutes or so to soften it all up, so as you can see, I already started, the vegetables were softened, they were beautifully flavored, of course you have to always taste, remember as I always teach you, season as you go, okay? So I love this immersion blender but I'm going to caution you, be very very careful, okay, especially you should actually let this soup cool just a little bit. Now I'm the woman that's going to tell you, I like chunks in my soup. So I'm not going to puree it all, alright I'm going to leave a little but if chunk in there. So as you can see I've got some of those apples in there. I've got some of the pieces of squash in there. Now, that looks great. Now if you notice, I haven't added the cream yet. Now, I've got to tell you if you're not big on adding cream, I say do without it because it still tastes fabulous, but the recipe calls for a little cream, I'm going to add a little for you. That was probably about a half a cup and you can see it really just lightens it up just a little bit and of course, we're going to take this beautiful sage and I'm just going to chop it up. Now, again I'm going to say to you if you're not a big sage fan, don't use it. Use basil, use parsley. You do need an herb in there, it does make a difference, but make it your favorite herb. Now it looks beautiful. Now, let's go plate it. Now, look at this fabulous soup. Anybody that you serve this to, would absolutely just love you forever because this is so healthy, it's incredible. The flavor is just amazing. Imagine all the vitamina, remember all those Italian words that I teach you, alright, vitamina, vitamins, vitamin B, vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamina E, it's fabulous, it's warm, it's comforting, it says that I really care so much about you that I want to make the absolute best. So don't forget to invite your familia to the table and in the meantime, I would say enjoy. Buon appetito. Yum.


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