How to Make Dominican-Style Stewed Chicken

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Dominican-style stewed chicken needs to be made in a very particular way for maximum authenticity. Make Dominican-style stewed chicken with help from a longtime experienced chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Benvenuti amici, welcome friends. My name is Isabella Morgia di Vicari, owner and chef for Isabella's Bella Cucina. Today, I'm going to make a wonderful Pollo Guisado, Dominican style, in other words, Dominican style stewed chicken. And you are going to love it, because it's all going to be marinaded, you're going to leave it in your refrigerator for a few hours, or overnight. And the next, put it on the stove top and wait and see what happens. But let me show you how we're going to get started. We have a whole chicken, what I want you to do is, get chicken cut up in pieces. Alright, we're going to put that in there. We have an onion, some beautiful pieces of fresh tomatoes, or stewed tomatoes, green peppers. I want a few olives in there, got to throw them in, of course, we need garlic, so let's chop these up. I'd say a good handful, you never have too much, if you ask me. So, we're just going to slice them up, dice them up, anyway you like. Just make sure you keep your fingers away from the blade. You probably want about four or five cloves of garlic, nice size cloves. One of the things that I love about this dish, is that you could do it ahead of time. And you know, how wonderful it would be to be able to personal chef for your family. In other words, make all of these fabulous meals. So, all you have to do when you get home form work, is just heat it up. And there's nothing to that. O.k., we've got enough garlic here, we've got it chopped up fine enough, I'm going to throw it in. O.k., what else do I want, ah, some wonderful seasonings. I've got some wonderful Adobo, a little bit of oregano, and you know what I need, ah, there we go, a little bit of olive oil, just a little. Now, let's stir it up. Now, at this point, you want to again, like I said, you want to marinade this, you want to marinade it for a good couple of hours. So, do it in the morning, leave it in your refrigerator. When you get home, you can actually cook it and it doesn't take any time to cook on stove top. So, at this point, we're going to marinade, bring it to the refrigerator. And then, I'll meet you back at the stove, with the one that's already ready. We've got the stove, a nice saute pan actually, on your stove, and you want it pretty hot. So, I'm going to add a little bit of olive oil right here, to coat the bottom of the pan. Now, you'll see in the recipe, it calls for a little bit of sugar, yes, I said, sugar. So, I'm actually going to put, maybe a half a teaspoon of sugar, right in this olive oil. Because what it's going to do, it's actually going to caramelize, it's going to give the chicken a beautiful brown color. So, I'm going to leave that in there for a little bit, let that caramelization start. And then, I'm going to get these beautiful pieces of chicken that have been marinading,and watch what we do. Ah, I can see these beautiful granules of sugar actually caramelizing right now. So, now, were going to take this and we're going to brown it up. Now, while we're waiting for that to get to a nice color on one side. Remember, if you don't want to do a whole chicken cut up, and you just want to do chicken thighs or you just want to do legs, or you just want to do chicken breasts, it all works. Again, I want you to make this the way you and your family would love to eat it. I really like a whole chicken there, once in a while. Because sometimes, I want the little piece of that thigh because I like that dark meat. And sometimes I just want that leg, you know, whatever it is. Now, remember I told you, we're going to brown this up just a little bit. Notice, that I've got these vegetables that were marinading earlier, still right here in the pan, we're not going to throw them in, just yet. See that beautiful color in there, that's what we want. Oh, that wing looks beautiful, look at that color right there. Now, because I want that wing to have that color on the same side, I'll actually hold that down a little bit. Just so it's actually touching the surface of the pan. This smells absolutely incredible. You know, this reminds me of a chicken cacciatora, because we almost start of the same way. It's so funny that the Italy and Dominican Republic and Spain, all these fabulous recipes are so similar, our styles are so similar, the ingredients are so similar. But the herbs are a little different and some of the seasonings are a little different, you'll see that right here. Let's check this side, it's got beautiful color, take a look at that. Now, I'm going to throw these beautiful vegetables in, I'm going to stir it up. Now, I'm going to get the juice of a lime. Now, I'm not into a lot of different gadgets, so I use my hands to squeeze that lime. But another trick I use, is get the pointy edge of your knife and watch this. What a way to squeeze a lime, sure beats any gadget. Now, that's how you squeeze a lime, let's get that other half in here too. When you add lemon or lime to anything, it adds such a brightness to any recipe. It adds a freshness, it truly makes a difference. You can make this recipe with or without lime, and I guarantee that you will notice the difference. O.k., now, can you see those beautiful vegetables right now, um, they smell incredible. At this moment, I want it to actually cook beautifully through. So, I'm going take the lid, leave it on there, let it cook through and steam, all those flavors will just come together. You'll actually see, there'll be a little more liquid in the pan. Alright, in about 25 minutes, this chicken dish, Pollo Guisado will be totally done. Now, look at this Pollo Guisado, I'm going to plate it for you right here, so you can see how fabulous this dish is. When you put this on the table, how your family will run to the table. I love the peppers and the onions and the garlic and the caramelization. See this beautiful brown sauce made with fresh tomatoes. Got this great piece of thigh right there. Now, cannot forget all of this fabulous juice that's in here, watch this. Now, that is an incredibly beautiful looking dish. Now, the only thing we'll need, is a little bit of cilantro to top it off. Let's clean that plate off a little, top it with a few fresh herbs. Now, that's a plate that anyone would love to eat, that you would be so proud to serve this beautiful Dominican Pollo Guisado or Dominican stewed chicken. The only thing I would serve with this, is white rice and black beans, or your favorite. Or, better yet, do without the carbs, if you like and serve it with the beans and the salad. And you have one happy family on your table, and that's what's most important. Your family is so worth it, give them the very best, they deserve it and so do you. Vivere bene amici, live well, my friends, ciao.


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