Red Potato & Spanish Potato Salad

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Red potato and Spanish potato salad is a lot easier to make than you probably think it is. Make red potato and Spanish potato salad with help from a longtime experienced chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Benvenuti amici, welcome to Isabella's Bella Cucina. My name is Isabella Morgia di Vicari, and I'm going to teach you one of my favorite Spanish potato salads. That's right we're making a Spanish potato salad today in case you didn't notice. Yes my specialty is Italian and Spanish food and what I love about this potato salad that you can take it anywhere and never have to worry about refrigeration because there's not an ounce of mayonnaise in it. So not to mention it's a lot healthier. So let's get started. I of course, boiled my potatoes in salted water, alright and took them out so here they are, these nice beautiful red potatoes. Now guess what? Don't get yourself crazy. If you don't have red potatoes you want to use Yukon Gold, white potatoes, whatever you like, whatever you have, use it because it will work. The next thing are these beautiful Spanish green beans. Excuse me, they're not Spanish green beans, they're regular old string beans and all I did was steam them and I steamed them to my liking again. If you like them really al dente, put them in and pull them right out. Not even a minute or two later, if you want them a little more cooked then so be it, that's your choice. So here I have these potatoes. I'm adding some of these green beans in there, looks beautiful, just like it is doesn't it? Now of course the Italian in me can't help but throw these beautiful cherry tomatoes in. All I did was half them and I'm going to throw those in as well. Alright, what do we need? I'd say some beautiful red onions. Alright because I like red onions. So we're going to throw a little bit in there. You know what, if you want a little more, feel free to add. So what do we need now? Lalio, remember? Lalio garlic, I'm going to put three or four cloves in there. Let's move this here. All you want to do is take it, smash it down just like that, nothing fancy. Just smash it, make it nice and simple and oh I've got to show you a trick, watch this. Sometimes have you ever noticed that when you are chopping garlic alright you start chopping and it starts disappearing and starts flying all over the place, add some kosher salt, right on top of that garlic, after you get it smashed and watch what happens, the garlic doesn't fly anywhere. It stays right there and the beautiful thing about this is, is that you've got to add garlic, excuse me, salt to the recipe. So, I've got this beautiful lalio already minced up, a little more. Alright, that's good, I'm going to throw it in, okay. Add some, you know, seasonings, but before I add the seasonings, let's throw some olive oil in. This recipe calls for a cup of olive oil for two pounds of potatoes but because I don't have two pounds of potatoes in front of me I'm going to half that up. Alright, so I'm probably going to give you about a half a cup of olive oil, this right here is actually two cups so as you can see, I still didn't even add a half a cup. I'm going to add a little more to that, add a little bit of kosher salt, a little bit of cayenne and of course, some beautiful red wine vinegar, there we go, a little bit of oregano and comino, the Spanish people love cumino and so do I. I want to add a little more, okay. Last but not least, I need a spoon, stay right there. Okay, let's stir this up, oh this smells just beautiful, just like this. Love the bright colors. Remember whenever you want to cook very healthy, remember to go for color. Go for bold and go for color, that's my motto. Okay, now, I love cilantro. Let's take a nice little handful right here, chop it up. Cilantro is like the Italian version of basil is what I would say, they use it like we use basil, I love it. I don't want to miss any of it. Um, that smells heavenly. How wonderful to go to somebody's home and bring a dish that looks this fabulous and you know what I've got to taste it first before I plate it, let's see, let's check the seasonings. Um, this is so right on. Watch this, look how beautiful, this potato salad looks, just like that. You've got the beautiful cherry tomatoes and the green beans and the herbs and the seasonings and let me tell you, the more you let this sit, the better it becomes. Don't forget to take this to your next party. Viva di bene amici, live well my friends and buon appetito, ciao.


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