Tuna Carbonara Recipe

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You don't have to go out to a fancy restaurant to enjoy some nice tuna carbonara. Get a great tuna carbonara recipe with help from a longtime experienced chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Benvenuti amici, welcome to Isabella's Bella Cucina. My name is Isabella Morgia di Vicari, and I'm going to teach you a beautiful penne pasta carbonara with tuna and fresh herbs. So I actually have on the stove top right now some beautiful mushrooms sauteing because I want that beautiful brown color in my mushrooms. You're going to see how quickly this pasta dish is going to come together. One of the very first things I want to do is actually take these eggs and we're going to beat them just a little. By the way, when you are using eggs in this recipe, you want to make sure your eggs are at room temperature. What I love about this dish is that it happens again so quickly. Okay, we're going to season it up of course, kosher salt, a little cayenne for me, going to beat it and then we're going to add a little Romano and a little cream. Alright, I think that's about good, that's a couple handfuls I would say and probably about a half a cup of cream and we have a little left, I might as well throw it in. Now if you don't want to use tuna in this dish, you can actually do the whole dish without any meat whatsoever but if you like pancetta, use pancetta. If you want to do it with chicken, use chicken. It is just fabulous, whatever you'd like to do. Guess what? You want to use some vegetables, use some wonderful sauteed vegetables like we've got on the stove. So let's go check on those mushrooms. So as you can see, I have the mushrooms already in a saute pan, picking up some beautiful color. Now I want you to remember something very very important. Whenever you are sauteing mushrooms, never season them until the very end. If you were to season them in the beginning with a little bit of kosher salt, what happens is you actually promote the water to exude from the mushrooms even quicker and you're going to end up with mushrooms that look steamed instead of with the beautiful golden color like they are right now. So they look great, I'm going to season them right now with a little bit of salt. I'm going to stir it up a little. Look at this beautiful brown golden color. I love it. Now, I'm going to add this tuna. Now I like tuna so I added a little extra. I probably have about two cans of tuna in here. Now if you don't like that much tuna, only add one, guess what? If you don't like tuna, don't add it at all. That's totally up to you. Now, I'm just going to heat that up a little bit. Now what I want to do at this moment, I'm going to add this beautiful cream. Remember this was the eggs that Romano cheese, about a half a cup of cream. I seasoned it up with the salt and the pepper but before I do that, guess what? I'm going to add the pasta first. I drained the pasta already so I'm going to pour that in right into this pan. Now I want you to know that I have a little bit of that reserved pasta water in case I need it. I'm going to stir this up and then, over this nice warm dish, I'm going to put this cream in there. I'm going to just toss it around. Oh I just love this. I'm going to add some fresh herbs, some more Romano cheese, here we go and then we're going to plate it. Let's add these herbs first of all and I want a nice handful of fresh parsley, prezzemolo. Okay, here we go, toss that in and I've got that tuna in there and you are in great shape. Now guess what? If you wanted a little more cream to this you could add a little more cream but I like it nice and light with lots of flavor. Let's go plate this dish. Okay, look at this beautiful bowl, or saute pan rather. This penne pasta. Now you've got to have muscles to do this. So let's take this and just pour it right in there, just like that. Doesn't that look beautiful? It looks absolutely fabulous. We're going to stir it up a little bit, add a few herbs on there at the end. I like them stirred in. Let's give i a shot. This looks so yummy. I love mushrooms and tuna. This beats any tuna casserole any day and night. You're going to love this carbonara with tuna and mushrooms and fresh herbs, absolutely perfect, so simple. You can add protein, well you have protein with the tuna but you can add chicken to it. You can add more vegetables to it, it can be any way you would like. Make this for your familia and see how happy they will be when you bring them to the table. Viva la boni amici, live well my friends. Chow.


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