Cute Braids for Short Hair in Women

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A number of different short hair braid styles will look really cute and are easy to do. Learn about cute braids for short hair in women with help from a professional and experienced hairstylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle Simone, and I'm a Hairstylist. And today, I'm going to show you a cute hairstyle for braiding short hair. So, the look that I'm going to do today involves two inside out braids, also known as Dutch braids and then one regular braid, and then I'm going to twist it all up in to the back. So, I'm going to start with the shorter section of hair; this works really well with a side part. So, give yourself a nice deep side part since you get that out of the way. Take this hair, this is the easy part, just grab the section from your ear up and give it a nice standard braid. Separate it into three sections and just fold it over, fold it over. You're going to do that all the way to the bottom and then secure it with a rubber band. Next, you're going to section the larger side of your hair from the ear up into two pieces; the front half and the back half. So, I'm just separating it into two; I like to do the back one first, so just take the front half and tied it off. And take this section, we're going to do a simple Dutch braid. This is the same thing as a French braid, only you're going to do it in reverse. So, in order to do that, take a section from the top, separate it into three pieces, the way we start every braid and instead of folding over the top, you're going to fold under the, the middle piece. And keep braiding under each time instead of going over like you normally would. But then it works the same way as a French braid. You take a little section of hair, add it to the left piece and then wrap it under the middle section. Take it, wrap it underneath. Take another section and go under the middle. You're going to keep doing that until you get all the way to the bottom and secure it with a hair tie. Now, you're going to do the exact same thing with the front section of hair, just as you did on the first side. Once you have the front two sections braided, you're going to take out the back of your hair, what we're going to do with the back is twist it on each side and then they're going to cross over each other. So, I'm just taking the hair a little bit at a time from the bottom and rolling it upwards. As I go, I'm going to add some bobby pins to keep it secure. So, just take it from the bottom and roll it upwards and then put a pin right into the roll. Once you get about midway, you take the hair from the other direction and you twist it towards the other ear. So, once you've pinned all of the bottom up, that's your final look. And here you have a great easy braided hairstyle for short hair.


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