Double Chocolate Fudge Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

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You can make a delicious double chocolate fudge peanut butter oatmeal cookie with a great gluten-free recipe right at home. Make double chocolate fudge peanut butter oatmeal cookies with help from an experienced chef and instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, fellow foodies, it's Chef Jen here at the CTE center in Frisco ISD in beautiful Frisco, Texas. All right, so I started thinking about cookies. I love cookies. Now this is not a gluten free cookie, this is your cheat day, all right. I love peanut butter cookies. And I love chocolate chip cookies and I love oatmeal cookies. So I decided what the heck, let's put them all together and make one great chocolate chip peanut butter oatmeal cookie. So here we go. I have two sticks of very soft room temperature butter that's super important. Remember gang, if you're making a biscuit or a scone, you got to have super cold butter to create the flakiness. If you want a nice, chewy soft cookie, you got to have soft butter. And I've got some crunchy peanut butter. Now you don't have to use crunchy, you can use smooth if you want to. But I like the texture that the crunchy peanut butter gives the cookie, I think that's pretty tasty. I've got some granulated sugar and I've got some brown sugar. Cup of each. We're going to pop this in to our mixer using the whip attachment and get this all creamed together nice and smooth. All right, you see how nice and creamy this is? Nice and smooth, no lumps from sugar. We're going to add our eggs on at a time. Reason you add eggs in one at a time is to give the batter a chance to absorb the egg. All right. So dry ingredients. You've got some all purpose flour, we have our oatmeal, and what's really cool about this recipe is you could actually put up to two cups of oatmeal in this cookie if you wanted to to give it more of an oatmeal cookie look. I'm just adding a cup today but you can add as much as two. I've got some baking soda, baking powder, and a little bit of salt. Mix these items all together. You can see that the eggs definitely made it a little bit lighter. Looks nice and creamy. Going to add in our dry ingredients. All right. Now be really careful when you start your mixer. Don't go throwing it on full blast. You'll end up wearing half of what you stuck in here. All right, so some of the flour will start to incorporate and once it does, then you can speed it up a little bit. And we just want it to combine. We don't want to overwork the batter and make a tough cookie. So just a few seconds on that. As soon as you see the flour mixture with the oatmeal get incorporated, then go ahead and shut it off. Otherwise you start getting into a tough cookie. We have our chocolate chips. Last item to enter the bowl. Now this is a pretty dense cookie dough so if you feel like you're getting a little bit of an arm workout, you are. So we have a nice looking dough there. And this is the fun part, I love to use my hands when I cook. And you're going to roll the cookies in to a ball of whatever size you want. You can make it a one inch ball, you can go bigger. I've always been happy with about a one inch size. So I have an oven preheated to 375 degrees. And I'm going to pop these cookies in for no more than ten to 12 minutes. They bake very quickly and you don't want to over bake them. In fact you want to under bake them just a little bit. The tops will crack a little bit. So we're going to load up this pan, put them in the oven, and see what happens in ten minutes. All right, so here they are. They came out of the oven, let them cool for just a little bit. And you can see that the cookies have little cracks and that's what you're looking for. If you're worried about under baking or over baking, look in to those little cracks while it's in the oven and as long as it's still a little glistening, you're good to go and pull those bad boys out. These are wonderful, kind of healthy with the oatmeal, but we won't talk about the butter and sugar. No body needs to know that. Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this recipe. I think they're a lot of fun. Kids love them, everybody loves them. I think I will go pour myself a nice tall glass of coconut milk and have a few of these. So this has been Chef Jen. Hope you enjoyed go have a cookie.


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