How to Make Tofu Pasta

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There are few treats tastier than an expertly made tofu pasta. Find out how to make tofu pasta with help from an experienced chef and instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, fellow foodies, Chef Jen here from the CTE Center in Frisco, Texas. Alright, so, let's talk tofu. Oh, I know what you're probably thinking, tofu, oh, nasty, can't make it work. Well, you can make it work, and I have a really quick, easy way for you to introduce it into your diet. That won't offend you and you won't even know it's in there. But I think, you'll develop an appreciation for it, if you have it this way. And the next thing you know, you'll do all kinds of things with it. Now, I am doing a gluten-free pesto pasta. Alright, we'll talk about the pasta part in a second, let's talk about pesto right now. So, I've got my food processor, into my food processor, I'm going to put some wonderful fresh basil. So, we're going to tear off some of this wonderful, ah, fresh basil, I could eat a handful of, just by itself. And I just don't think, you can have too much. So, about a half a cup or so, a little more, if you like it. We've got some pine nuts, and I did toast these. And when you toast them, just pop them into like a 350 degree oven, and you'll see the oils release and they'll be kind of shiny. And that means they're done. And we've got a garlic clove, how much garlic, that's up to you. Who you're going to be around after you eat this. A tablespoon of olive oil, that's the only thing about this pesto that is really cool, it doesn't use near as much olive oil as regular pesto, that's a good thing. A little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper. And here it comes, get ready, our little friend, some tofu. Now, I did take my tofu out of the container, it's packed in water or liquid. And I did wrap it a paper towel to kind of get rid of some of the extra liquid, and in it goes. See, you're not even going to know, you're eating tofu. I'm going to pop that in. Now, you can always grill tofu and serve it with pasta, you can do that as well. Oh, wow, and look at this, look at this great green color. Le'ts get that off that blade, that's money right there. So, our little spatula here, got it all blended up, mixed up nice and good. Let's talk about our pasta. The pasta that we're using today, you can use any pasta you want. But again, I've got to do the gluten-free thing, because I'm a gluten-free girl. This is elbow macaroni that is made with brown rice flour. And you know, remember, pasta water, even if it's gluten-free, is your friend. Keep your pasta water, because you might want to use it to hep your sauce become a little saucier. I'm going to put a little in, you can put as much as you want, I'm going to give this a good stir. I think, I'm going to add a little bit more, I do love me some basil. Let's get that all stirred up. When you add pasta water to your dishes, your sauces pick up on a little bit of that, and they tend to thicken just a little bit. Alright, that looks pretty darn good, onto the plate it goes, look at that, nice. You could actually put that in a bowl and I think, you'd be just fine. Alright, now, we've got to give it a little garnish right here on the side, with a little bit of our fresh basil. For your family, feed them a little very healthy, very good for you, tofu in a wonderful pesto. They'll never even know it's in there and maybe you can become a tofu lover just like me. Alright, thanks everybody, this has been Chef Jen at the CTE Center in Frisco, Texas.


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