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When making gluten-free onion rings, you're always going to want to keep a few key things in mind. Get gluten-free onion ring recipes with help from an experienced chef and instructor in this free video clip.

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Hey there, fellow foodies. This is Chef Jen from The CTE Center for Frisco ISD your culinary arts instructor. So do you love onion rings? I love onion rings, however I try to avoid fried foods, but we don't always have to do that all the time, right? We can have a little bit of fun. So I'd like to have some fun with onion rings today. However as most of you know I tryed to avoid gluten as much as possible so I try to figure out a good way to have some yummy onion rings that were gluten-free and think maybe I've done it and I wanted to share it with you all today. So we're going to start with our onion, Vidalia onions are the best, they're nice and big, I had these on hand and we're going to cut the ends off and we're going to peal off the outer layer of skin, a nice juicy onion and you're going to cut these into rings as wide as you want, you don't want to make them too thin, if you make them too thin your batter is not going to stick to it very well. Alright now let's separate our onion rings, man that's, that's a strong onion. Get the last of our rings out. We have a bowl here and we have a lot of corn starch. This is our buddy Bob, Bob's Red Mill Products, this is his gluten-free, all-purpose flour, we've got some garlic powder, onion powder and we've got some salt and some paprika. You can sift it all together if you want or you can use a whisk and we're going to grab a fork and some club soda. Alright so now we're going to take our onion ring, you can use a fork and tongs if you want to, I just think they're harder to hang on to, I've just always thought that my hands were my best tools, I don't need tongs or a fork. And you're just going to kind of let your onion rings sort of hang out act like they're at the spa, getting treated. Now I have in my pot over here peanut oil, it's also got a little vegetable shortening in it as well, you can use what ever you think, what ever frying oil you prefer, peanut oil is always a nice clean one. And you're going to drop it right in there, they tend to want to stick on the bottom so just give it a little looksy and we'll drop another one in, do them in small batches you don't want to overload your pot, in you go. Alright, let's take a look at what's going on in our pot, this one is nice and dark, oh look at that color, it's so pretty! I also like to use peanut oil because it's a very clean oil for frying and you can reuse it which is kind of cool, but it, there's no funky oily smell, alright it, it doesn't feel like I've got an oil slick going on, where I'm working, but you can use what ever you're comfortable with, I just have found that the peanut oil works really well for this particular item. That is looking nice! Let's check his friends in here, everybody had gone swimming. And this is just a nice little way to have yourself a little guiltless pleasure because you can see how many onion rings you can get out of one onion. Alright gang, so there you have it a great way to enjoy gluten-free onion rings. I hope you enjoy this. This has been Chef Jen here at The CTE Center in Frisco, ISD.


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