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Rockabilly makeup is a great, fun way to inject a little fresh air into your style. Learn about the rockabilly makeup style with help from a makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys! This is Laura Heyns, I am a hairstylist and makeup artiest at Urban Betty Salon here in Austin, Texas and today I'm going to show you how to do rockabilly makeup. So my kind of feeling with rockabilly girls they're kind of like the bad girls of the pinup world, they're a little edgier and kind of less afraid, it's not quite as clean, it's a little more smokey and little more dramatic, so your interpretation of it can kind of be a little different, but that's kind of my feeling from it. So the first thing I'm going to show you is how to do the winged out liner which is a must and I'm about to save you a lot of trouble and heartache too, I'm going to show you a big cheat. So I like to use a jell liner, these go on super, super smooth and if you have a good brush to put it on it makes it really, really easy. So I'm going to have Madalyn here close here eyes and I always hold my hand at an angle and I start at the very corner of the eye and then pull it out. So you can kind of pick and choose how thick you want it to be and of course I've had a little practice doing this, but if you don't get it perfect the good trick is to take any kind of makeup wipe and what you'll do is wrap it around your finger and then take it from the corner of the eye and pull it up and this will give you a perfect line and you can thin out that tail as much as you like and make it just kind of look perfect and seamless. Okay so now that I have that down, that's a really good start for a pinup look, but because rockabilly chicks are a little bit more edgy what I like to do is take a dark coal liner and then I'll go through and line the whole inside rim of then eye. The cool thing about coals too is they're really soft so they smudge really easy, but so that it doesn't keep falling throughout the day then I'm going to take a pencil brush, that's really stiff and comes to a point and I'm going to take some black shadow and go back in and smudge underneath her lash line and this will prevent the coal liner from smearing all the way down your face by the end of the night, but if it does that's okay too because it just kind of looks super smokey. And then the next step after this is doing like a really pretty bold lip, you can do pinks, reds kind of anything that you want just what ever you feel comfortable in and on Madalyn I'm going to do super, super bright red. I like to do pencils because they have a really pretty matte finish and they last a little longer and it's kind of more true to that era too. And I put a little bit of moisturizer on Madalyn's lip before too so it goes on really smooth. Alright guys, so this is Laura Heyns with Urban Betty Salon her in Austin, Texas and I just showed you guys how to do rockabilly makeup.


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