Good Eye Makeup for Coral Lipstick

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A few key types of eye makeup go really well when paired with a nice coral lipstick. Find out about a good eye makeup for coral lipstick with help from a makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys! My name is Laura Heyns. I'm a hairstylist and makeup artist here at Urban Betty Salon in Austin, Texas, and on this video I'm going to show you what eye makeup you should wear when you're wearing coral lipstick. So with coral lipstick there's a lot of different options you can do, it's kind of a fun flirty color so you can keep it pretty neutral or you can do fun pops of color with it. One good trick that not a lot of people know that a lot of blushes come in coral color, so you can actually use most blushes as eyeshadow so that's what I'm going to do on Madalyn today. So the first thing I'm going to do on Madalyn is the same thing I always do, I like to make the brow bone and the lid pop before I do anything else. So for her I'm just going to use like a light shimmery white color to make her brow bone pop and I'll just pop that on in the center and brush it down and onto the lid, for her lid as I'm going to use the light kind of gold color and I'm using the same brush that I used on her brow bone on her lid. And this is just kind of a really pretty soft wheat gold color, which looks really, really, really pretty with corals. So now that I have those colors on I'm going to use kind of a fluffy paint brush like brush to complement her crease and to kind of pull this whole look together and I'm going to take the brush and I'm going to start just at the bottom of her crease bone right in here and just kind of go in and go in little circles and just kind of blend it out. And it's going to kind of pull everything together and this will look really, really pretty. So I always like to start on the outside corner of the eye, that's where it's going to deposit the most color and then blend it and pull it down. And this I'm just kind of following that orbital bone, you can kind of feel your brush and it's kind of a really good way to make every eye look really pretty, really easily because you always have that kind of diagram there for you. So now that I did her crease color in that pretty kind of coral color I'm going to take a darker coral and I'm going to use that to kind of, I guess another way to kind of smoke it out, but you're using bright fun colors, not your typical smoky eye. And see how these colors kind of all start to kind of make a really pretty cohesive look and these are the same colors I used on her cheeks so it kind of has a really pretty coral effect overall on the whole face. So, my name is Laura Heyns, I'm with Urban Betty Salon here in Austin, Texas, and I just showed you really pretty eye makeup that you can wear with coral lipstick.


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