Hair & Makeup Styles for Moms

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There are a wide variety of different extremely beautiful and trendy hair and makeup styles that moms can enjoy on a daily basis. Learn about hair and makeup styles for moms with help from a makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Laura Heyns. I'm a hairstylist and makeup artist here at Urban Betty Salon in Austin, Texas, and today I'm going to show you hair and makeup tips for Moms. So the first thing I'm going to do is our beautiful extremely trendy Mom Madalyn, one trick to do with your hair that's kind of fail proof and it's really user friendly is to buy one of these curling wands and you can get them all over the place for a really reasonable price. And these are pretty cool too because you can do your hair a hundred different ways and you can do it really, really quick. So you can just kind of grab big sections just like this and they don't have to be perfect so that's what's really cool. And one thing I try to focus on is moving the hair away from the face because that opens everything up and you just go through and curl each piece and it's kind of cool too because you don't have to get every single hair if you don't, it kind of gives you that messy sexy beachy look, which is really cool too because it doesn't look too over done. So just go through just like this and I like to pull the hair trough so it doesn't get clumped up and wrap it around. And for the beginners usually these wands come with a heat glove so you don't have to worry about burning yourself ether, which is always a plus. And even if yo just want to do a couple around the face just to kind of give you that done up look. These are pretty too because it's kind of that lived in feel, which is pretty. And I like to kind of run my hands through it too, that way it will loosen the curl a little bit and you don't feel like you're going to prom. Okay so now that we have that around her face curled I'm going to show yo some tricks with makeup. So one of my favorite products is cream eye shadows because they usually go on as a cream and then dry to a powder, which makes them crease proof and water resistant so you can put it on at the beginning of the day, wear it all day, soccer practice in the heat running around like a crazy person and it's still going to stay flawless. So what I do is I like to get a makeup brush that looks really similar to a paint brush, you kind want it to be soft and really fluffy, you want it to kind of move around a lot you don't want it to be too stiff and what I do is I'll get the product on and I place it in the center of the eye and then just swish the brush back and fourth. And these cool too because you can't really mess them up and if you really want to you can put them on with your finger. So do the same thing on the other eye, start in the center and the reason I start in the center is because that's where most of the product is going to lie and then if you start in the center and then blend it out it has a little bit more even coverage. So then just to kind of even out the skin tone I like to use a translucent powder, get a medium sized fluffy brush and then just dust it every so lightly across the face and these are really cool too because they have a tendency too to diminish the appearance of fine lines and pores, which is good for everybody. So then after you have that then I just like to take a little bit of blush, so I'll just brush it across, shake off any excess product and just kind of go in little circles and I kind of like to do C , a C shape just around the eye, brush it and then blend it out. Beautiful, look up. Just pop on a little bit of a gloss you can take any shade and any tone that you prefer. And now it looks like you spent all day trying to get ready and look beautiful and you really did it in just a couple minutes and you look awesome and you're ready to go. And my name is Laura Heyns, I am a hairstylist and makeup artist here at Urban Betty in Austin, Texas, and we just finished doing makeup tips and hair tips for Moms.


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