Base for the Eyelid When Wearing Makeup

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It's always very important to create the proper base for your eyelid when wearing makeup. Get tips on a base for the eyelid when wearing makeup with help from a makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys! My name is Laura Heyns, I'm at at Urban Betty Salon here in Austin, Texas. I do hair and makeup, and today in this video we're going to show you base for the eyelid when wearing makeup. So my personal preference for eyeshadow primer is I like to use The Mac Paint Pots, what they do is they go on as a cream and they dry to a powder, so it makes your eyeshadow crease proof and water resistant and really long wear. I like to use products like these instead of concealer and foundations because your eyelids tend to be a little bit more oily then the rest of your skin and usually foundations and concealers have a tendency to kind of not mix so well with that oil and they have a tendency to crease and not wear as well. So a little bit of this stuff goes a really long way a good trick too is when things do dry to a powder, if you leave they open they will dry out so always make sure you close it really tight when you're done. I'll just kind of show you guys too how, you know how most time when your eyelids you've got those little veins and sometimes they have the tendency to be like a little more purple or pink toned then the rest of your face, so these are really cool because it kind of evens everything out. And what it does is it allows for you to kind of start with a super fresh clean pallet to work with, which makes doing your eye makeup a lot easier, but you can just tell just from doing that the difference between both of her lids, it kind of mattified everything, it covered up all those funky spots and it just kind of makes doing your makeup a little bit easy. These are super, super user friendly too, which is awesome. There is a lot of competition with this product too, a lot of people have their favorites and you can kind of pick and choose which ones the best for you, but these happen to be my personal favorite and they seem to last a really, really, really long time. So my name is Laura Heyns, I'm with Urban Betty Salon here in Austin, Texas, I do hair and makeup here and I just showed you guys a base for your eyelids when you're wearing makeup.


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