The Best Way to Cook a Steak, Shrimp & Baked Potato Meal

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If you're cooking a steak, shrimp and baked potato, a few key preparation tips can take an already good meal and turn it into a perfect one. Find out about the best way to cook a steak, shrimp and baked potato meal with help from an experienced professional chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm chef Ken with Ken Patrick Culinary Group. Today, we're cooking a nice grilled bone in rib eye steak. Okay we're going to be serving that with a nice baked potato. A lot of people want to know what can I serve with a baked potato meal with steak so I've added some nicely fresh, peeled shrimp here, from the gulf. We're going to season them with a little salt and pepper. Saute them, bring it all together with a little butter. This is a little green onion butter. We're going to be serving this with our baked potato. Blend it in a food processor, basically it's butter, salt and pepper, fresh green onions, scallion, pureed it together, blended it. And this is what I came up with, a little green onion butter. You can do it with any kind of herb, any kind of vegetable that you want. The steak has been cooking low and slow about five or six minutes per side. It's a huge cut of meat so it's going to take a little bit. So I'm going to pop it in the oven for another 5 or 7 minutes, 350 degrees, let it cook through just to about medium, medium rare. That's how I like my steak. Take it out and let it rest. So my gulf shrimp I've taken them, peeled them, deveined them. A little olive oil in here okay. A little salt, a little kosher salt, that's all you need. A little black pepper. Pan nice and hot, steak is searing pretty good. Nice carmelization going on. You see the nice color profile around the edge of the steak. It's starting to separate from the grill. If you're cooking at home outside on the grill what you want to do is when you put something on the grill, leave it alone, let it separate from the grill itself. Do go poking holes in it. You know my favorite tool on the grill is a pair of tongs and a spatula. I don't even use the fork. The reason for that is we go poking holes in the meat, guess what's going to happen? All the juice is going to run out, then what are you going to be left with? Dry meat. And what's worse than having dry meat at the dinner table, ok? So the key is let it do what it does, take it off the grill, let it rest for about 5 to 7 minutes before you go slicing into it. Let the juices retract, let the muscles tighten up in it. Let it hold the juices in, then you slice it, okay? So we're going to coat the shrimp a little bit in a little green onion butter. We're going to infuse the pan. Then glaze it with a little white wine. Now what's better than shrimp, butter, and wine? I can't think of anything else right now at the moment. So the shrimp are done, nice, we're going to turn it down and let them simmer a little bit. They cook about 3 to 4 minutes per side. Steak is done. Look at the beautiful color on that. It's ready to go. It's been kind of you know low and slow, we're going to let it rest okay if you will? For about 8 to 10 minutes before you go slicing into it. Nice charred steak okay, just like as if you had cooked it outside. But we cooked it all indoors okay. But you can cook it outside. But what I've done is I've got a nice color. Bone in if you can find a bone in rib eye. Ask your butcher, tell him you want the bone in. It gives it intense flavor. Nothing like bone in meat. You get the best flavor out of the meat okay? We're going to take the pan seared shrimp which have been searing away, soaking up all that good herb butter, white wine flavor. I'm going to pour that right over the steak like that. So there you have it folks. A little grilled rib eye steak, a little pan seared shrimp, a little oven roasted baked potato with a little green onion butter. Hey, I'm chef Ken with Ken Patrick Culinary Group, thank you for watching me. I hope I see you next time.


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