How to Make Hibachi-Style Steak

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Hibachi-style steak is typically infused with a little homemade sesame ginger dressing and ponzu sauce. Find out how to make hibachi-style steak with help from an experienced professional chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chef Ken with Ken Patrick Culinary Group. Today, I'll be cooking little Hibachi style flank steak dish with some fresh vegetables. We're going to infuse it with a little ponzu sauce and a little homemade sesame ginger dressing. Okay. So, here I have some nice scallion or green onion which I've cut up into nice little chunks. We'll add those in at the last minute of the dish. A little bok choy, Napa cabbage, a little snow pea medley here and we have some peppers, some onions, as a combination of red peppers and this guy here, some fresh ginger. This is a fresh ginger root; we, this is referred to as knobs, so we have a lot of ginger that we have chopped up and added here in my little bowl. And we got to have garlic, so, a little fresh garlic in there as well; little toasted sesame oil. And we're going to infuse the entire dish and bring it altogether with this little sesame ponzu dressing that I made. But, this is a very inexpensive cut of, of beef that you can use at home and it's tender and it doesn't take very long to cook. So, basically, what I want to do is season this up with little salt, little pepper. We're going to add the fresh ginger to that, garlic. We're going to infuse it, season it with that little toasted sesame oil, okay. So, I've added my delicious flank steak to my Hibachi style grill. Alright. So, kind of like when you go to a nice Hibachi grill, you see the nice big flat grill, you kind of sit around and you know, you can recreate this whole event at your home by just simply purchasing one of these, set it out, have your friends gather around, have all the ingredients ready. And that's the thing, speaking of ingredients ready, you want to have everything chopped and ready to go when you're cooking this type of Asian style cuisine. So, here I have a wok, Asian wok. You can get this at your local, whatever favorite store you like to shop at, you can find any Asian wok, okay. So, the key is to get it very nice and hot as I have here. And remember, have all your ingredients ready to put into the pan; little salt, little pepper, kind of get everything cooked through and marry together. Okay. I'm going to shut off my hibachi grill, kind of let that kind of cooked through. So, what's going to happen is we're going to sautee the onions and peppers, get those nice and translucent. We're going to add the bok choy, Napa cabbage mixture to that. So, I'm going to take my meat and the reason I did this separate like this because I want to show you this wok is very small, so I kind of want my meat and everything to cook thoroughly and show you the hibachi style of cooking, which is basically a flat, kind of smooth grill top like this. Okay. So, as you can see, everything is kind of incorporated, everything is together; sauce has coated the meat, the vegetables. I've turned off my heat, I'm going to show you how to plate it up. We're going to walk over to the table and we're going to put it on a nice plate and I'll show you how to do this. Look how delicious and colorful all these ingredients are. You got the, the red peppers, you got the, the yellow peppers, you got the green peppers, you got the red onions, you got this, you have the green onions. So, basically for the plate up, we want to just kind of put everything onto the plate. Alright. So, very family style oriented, okay. Very simple, kind of garnish it across the top with some of those green onions, little sesame seeds. So, there you have it folks, little Hibachi style grilled flank steak with some fresh vegetables; there's little bok choy, little Napa cabbage in there, some red onions, some green peppers, some green onions. We garnish it with a little sesame seeds and scallions. I'm Ken Patrick with Ken Patrick Culinary Group. You just watched me cooked a Hibachi style grilled steak, flank steak dish. Hope to see you next time. Come back and join us.


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