A Beef Tenderloin With Red Peppercorns on a Grill

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When cooking a beef tenderloin with red peppercorns on a grill, you're always going to want to make sure you have a few key tools at the ready. Make a beef tenderloin with red peppercorns on a grill with help from an experienced professional chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chef Ken with Ken Patrick Culinary Group. And guess what? Today, we're going to be cooking fillet minion or beef tenderloin, but I have a fillet minion that I had my butcher cut for me, nice cut of fillet, nice marbling, very lean. I'm going to season it up with very simple Kosher salt and black pepper, we're going to rub it down with a little olive oil, a nice reduction of Cabernet wine, just like a demi glaze with some fresh whole pepper corns in there, okay? So that fillet minion nice and you know moist and tender, very fresh. I'm going to hit with a little and it's so fresh all you need is a little salt and pepper, okay? I've added a little herbs, a little fresh thyme to that so a little salt and pepper and what you want to do is you want to season both sides of, okay? Grill pan nice and hot, a little Cabernet, pepper corn demi glaze. We're going to be serving it with a little bit of roasted carrots, okay a little pan roasted carrots. And what I did is I put it down let, let it go for a couple minutes, then I picked it up and I turned it, that's the way you get those nice grill marks that you see at the restaurants. Okay, so now I'm going to flip it over, alright? So we're going to sear it 2 to 3 minutes on the other side, we're going to pop it in our oven finish it maybe 8 or 9 minutes at 350 degrees, take it out. We're going to serve that with our little reduction of Cabernet wine with our pepper corns and I took a little beef stock, let it reduce, okay? Baby carrots kind of roasting with a little fresh herbs. So now we're going to take our fillet. Alright remember 3 to 4 minutes a 20 to 25 minutes in the oven, 350 degrees, be done and we'll come back and I'll show you how to plate it up, okay? So I'm going to pull out my fillet minion, it's been here for about 12, 13 minutes and you kind of want it medium to medium rare, okay. You want to set it down here. Here we have it a nice grilled fillet minion with a little pepper corn Cabernet demi glaze with a little roasted baby carrots and we plated it up nice and a tight plate, okay? I'm Chef Ken with Ken Patrick Culinary Group. I just showed you how to do a nice grilled fillet at home with some roasted baby carrots and we're going to serve this with a little, a nice glass of wine. Alright so you just sit down at home and enjoy your steak, pour your nice glass of wine at home and we'll see you next time. Ken Patric Culinary Group.


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