Olive Oil & Blackened Grouper on the Grill

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Cooking olive oil and blackened grouper on the grill can be a refreshing change of pace from your traditional preparation methods. Make olive oil and blackened grouper on the grill with help from an experienced professional chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chef Ken with Ken Patrick Culinary Group, and today I'm cooking some grouper. It's all about the grouper, okay. I've got some nice Florida grouper on the grill. This is actually a nice little cast iron grill pan that you can pick up at your local, you know, whatever favorite store you like to shop at. Go ahead and grab one of these, very inexpensive. It's raining outside today, I didn't have time to go out and cook it on the grill, so I brought it inside today and I'm bringing it to you, okay. So, with the fish, I'm serving a little fresh vegetable medley that I have, okay; consist of some little broccolini, some zucchini, some yellow squash, some red bell pepper, some onion, little asparagus which I have some already sauteeing in the pan. I added a little, few grape tomatoes today, give it another layer of flavor. Infuse it with a little white wine. What's happening now is evaporating. When, anytime you cook with alcohol, get, you get you a nice wine that you would drink out of a glass, get some nice cooking wine, okay. So, what's happening now, the alcohol actually evaporates, so, now it's evaporating off the pan and it's concentrating the flavor. Okay. And you could do this with any dish that you're cooking with; I personally like to add a little alcohol when I'm cooking the vegetables, like a little wine or whatever, just give it a whole another layer of flavor. So, we sauteed everything, a little oil, little fresh crack black pepper, little sea salt, okay. So, now, we're going to get ready to plate this dish up. I like to keep my place nice and tight. You kind of want everything, kind of in a center, okay. And what I'm doing here is what, you know, chefs do in the restaurants. We make the plate nice and tight, fresh veggies. Look how beautiful that is? Basically, what we do is, we're going to put a piece of that nice Florida grouper right on top of that fresh vegetables medley like that, okay. We're going to hit it with a little, more of that olive oil and we're going to top it off with some of my micro-greens. Alright. I'm Chef Ken with Ken Patrick Culinary Group and today, I just showed you how to cook a nice simple grouper dish with fresh vegetables and olive oil.


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