How to Lift Weights for the Pecs

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Lifting weights is one thing - lifting weights for the pecs can be something else entirely. Lift weights for your pecs with help from a longtime expert in the field of fitness in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Eric N. Quinn. I am a personal trainer and life coach, and we are here today at World Boxing Gym in Jersey City, New Jersey. Today, we are going to talk about lifting weights for your pecs. The first exercise we're going to perform is cable flies for your lower pecs. As you can see we already, I already have the weights set up so we're going to stand, the legs shoulder-width. You're going to relax your knees, engage your pelvis, relax your elbows as you bring the weight up. The palms are facing up also. You're going to bring the weight up to your shoulders and down, bring the weight up to the shoulders and down. Please never forget to breathe as you perform the exercise. This is very important and now you come up, down, always breathing, engaging your core as you perform the exercise also, up, down, up, down, breathe in and we're going to do one more, up and down and we relax. The next exercise we're going to perform is very similar than the exercise before. Okay, the cable flies. The difference here is that we're going to do isometric contraction. Why? Because I think isometric contraction is very effective for your lower pecs. So we're going to come here, shoulder level and we're going to hold it here. We're going to count to five, four, three, two, one and we're going to press up and down to the first position. We're going to come up and down to the first position. We're going to come up, down to the first position and we're going to hold it there. I'm feeling the burn, three, two, one and we relax. This has been Eric Quinn and that was weightlifting for your pecs.


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