Chest Workouts for a Weight Bench

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You can accomplish many different effective chest workouts using a regular weight bench in your home or at the gym. Learn about chest workouts that you can do with a weight bench with help from a longtime expert in the field of fitness in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Eric N. Quinn. I am a personal trainer and life coach. We are here today in World Boxing Fitness in Jersey City, New Jersey. Today, we are going to talk about chest exercises on the weight bench. So the first exercise we're going to do is going to be inclined bench. Before we start you've just got to make sure you put the bench where you're supposed to be but enough so the bar is going to be across your chest when you lie there, do it. You're going to lie back, be careful with the bar and we're going to guide how wide we are holding the bench with our fingers. So right here, the bar is across my chest, correct, laying back I take a deep breath, I make sure that my pelvis is also engaged in the exercise. I see a lot of people that do this but we're not going to do that, we're just going to hold the bench, hold the pelvis in as we do the exercise. So I'm putting my index finger here on the guide. I'm going to take a deep breath, I'm going to push up. We're going to go down and up and remember to keep breathing every time you press. Every time you press you exhale and every time you go down you inhale. You inhale and we exhale as we press up. And that's how you do it. The next exercise we're going to do to work the chest is going to be the flat bench, just like we did with the inclined bench, you just make sure that you, as you lie on the bench, the bar is across your chest and the different angles that you work as you hold it open or you hold it closer is going to work in different parts of your chest muscles and your triceps also so let's do it. The same way we're going to pay attention to how we are holding the bar. We're going to take a deep breath and we'll take the bar out, okay, you're going to take a deep breath, we're going to bring it down, we exhale and we press up, inhale as you go down and you press and you exhale. So one more time, you inhale as you press down, you press up and you exhale. And that's how you do it. this is going to be our last exercise for the chest. So as you saw, we started with the inclined bench first. The reason we started with the inclined bench first is because it works the upper part of the pecs which are the smaller muscles and it's a little more difficult to do so I did it first to get it out of the way and now the last one is going to be the declined bench. Declined because of the position. You can actually bench press more weight so be careful as you do it also. So we're going to hold it really wide and we're going to bring it out and because of the angle it's a little tricky as you do that and you've never done this before, so we're going to bring it down and see where the bar is? The bar is a little higher than before so we're going to hold it there and exhale and bring it up. We're going to bring it down and up, don't forget to keep the oxygen running through your body, down and up, take your time, do not rush, feel the muscles working as you do this and press and we'll put it back. This has been Eric N. Quinn and that's how you work your chest on the weight bench.


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