How to Shave a Man's Neckline

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A few key things are going to determine exactly where a man's neckline is before you can shave it. Find out how to shave a man's neckline with help from a prominent and talented tonsorial artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is Andrew Hunter from Ben's Barber Shop, South Pasadena, and today we're gonna talk about how to cut a man's neckline. First things you want to do is determine where the neckline is going to be by determining your angle here, if it's going to be straight, square, or round or at what level here you're gonna put it on the neckline. A good reference is the Adam's Apple, for a short neckline you want to go about right where you touch your Adam's Apple, two fingers making contact from here is your starting point and then from there you can decide if you want it longer or shorter. You can roll your fingers one more time this way and that will cut a shorter line as a reference. First you want to determine this, these 2 angles here. Just remember that symmetry's very important because if you stretch your neck this way you'll pull your skin this way, the line will cut and when you come back the line will shorten so if you're gonna tilt this way you're gonna tilt identically this way or just stay straight with your head back if you can see as much as possible you start cutting in your line with the machine or start cutting it in with the razor. This is is a straight razor, some of you at home might have a Bic style razor but it in this case we're gonna use this today and we're gonna show you how to do this. You prepare your face for shaving, apply your shaving cream, and you're gonna tilt your head back. Once you determine where the line is gonna be, you come in very carefully, stretch your skin out slightly, and slowly start working and determine where your line is gonna be, rotate your wrist. If you need to make further adjustments look into the mirror and correct. This is Andrew Hunter and this is how you shave a man's neckline.


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