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When it comes to applying makeup, there are a few basic lessons that you'll keep coming back to again and again. Learn about a basic makeup lesson with help from a makeup professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, everyone. My name is Joi, makeup artist in New York, and today I want to show you all a basic makeup lesson. So I'm going to be using a few things today starting off with the brushes, we're going to use a foundation brush, a brow groomer and a lip brush and then I'm going to using a bit of a brow pencil and foundation here. Okay so the first thing that you want to do when you're applying your makeup is to make sure that your skin looks great. So you want to make sure that you match your foundation based on your under tones and you want to make sure that you apply it layer by layer building to get the amount of coverage that you need for your skin. Okay and we're using a brush here because that's going to insure a smooth even application, if you choose to you can also use a sponge, also very good for blending. Ether way just make sure that you are covering any problem areas and that you take it down under the chin, into the jaw line so that we don't see the line of demarcation there. You want everything to be very well blended. Okay making sure to get around the corners of the nose and the mouth. A lot of people tend to skip those areas so you want to make sure and get coverage there also. And then of course you want to set it with a powder to make sure that your foundation doesn't come off on your clothes. Okay the next thing that's really important for any look, everyday or if it's something a bit more trendy there is you want to make sure that your brows look good. So we're going to take this tool here and we're just going to brush upwards and brush out and the idea here is just to lift up so that we are giving the eyes a bit more of an open look and that everything looks very neat. Okay and the last thing that we're going to do for a basic everyday look is we're just going to add a bit of lipstick and for everyday we're going to do something that sort of like a rose, a rose color. Okay and of course you're going to match it according to your natural lip color, your eyes, your hair, just pick something that's suits you well, what ever makes you feel good. Okay and we're using a lip brush rather than putting it on straight from the tube because with the brush you get a little bit more control and you make sure that you get a neat application. So there we go a nice quick basic makeup look there. So go out and try this and have fun, guys. Thanks for watching. My name is Joi, bye.


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