How to Use Makeup to Reduce Scars

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When it comes to reducing scars, all you really need is a full coverage cream foundation and just the right tool. Use makeup to reduce scars with help from a makeup professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, everyone. My name is Joi, makeup artist in New York, and I want to show you today how to use makeup to reduce scars. So a couple of things you need are; your brushes and you're going to need a full coverage cream foundation. So just to begin when you're trying to cover a scar you want to make sure that you prep your skin properly. First of all you'll want to of course cleanse as usual, you'll want to tone and you'll also want to exfoliate. Exfoliating is basically just going to get rid of any dead skin that's on the top layer of the scar and make sure that the makeup that you're applying afterword has something smooth, has a smooth surface to adhere to. So you want to exfoliate and then follow up with a little bit of moisturizer, you don't want to do too much, make sure that you blot off the moisturizer before you go to try and conceal the scar. So now I'm just going to show you how I would go about concealing the scar and we'll take a bit of my cream foundation and this is actually a full coverage foundation. Using a concealer brush which is synthetic and basically I would just take and dab it over the scar and then go back in and pat it. Okay, and we're using a patting motion because scars tend to be raised so we're not necessarily trying to spread it around, we blend out the edges into the skin. Making sure that we're leaving the center where the scar is likely to be a bit more raised, we're going to leave the foundation there just a little bit ticker. Okay, so blending it out. Okay and then what you'll do next is you'll want to follow with just a bit of powder because you always want to set the cream, and with this being full coverage it is just a little bit thicker. If you find that you get a bit too much, you can actually take a sponge and just kind of blend out to the edges and remove some of that excess. Okay, so we're blending this out and what we're actually going to do after this is to cover with the, a regular foundation of a thinner consistency to blend out the rest of her face. For now, we're just going to actually cover this part here that we've done with the powder to set that cream and then you're ready to follow up with your liquid foundation. So hopefully, this was helpful to you all and thank you all for watching. My name is Joi, bye.


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