Where Do Highlighter & Contour Makeup Go on the Eyes?

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Highlighter and contour makeup are only really effective if they go in a few key places on your eyes. Find out where highlighter and contour makeup are supposed to go on your eyes with help from a makeup professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone, my name is Joi, Freelance Makeup Artist in New York, and I'm going to answer the question for you all today, "Where do highlighter and contour makeup go on the eyes?" So, I have my eye shadow brushes and my eye shadow and to answer the question, when you are highlighting the eyes, you want to put those colors right under your brow bone and above the makeup that you already have blended out to the crease. And with a contour color, you want to actually take that and put it right on your crease and blend it upward. Okay. So, to show you how that works, I'm going to take a contour color and we're just going to use a darker brown color and I'm going to use a fluffy brush so that it's just going to kind of sweep it on and deposit lightly and as you can see, it's going right to the crease, right above the main color of her shadow. And you can always add more if you choose to. I'm doing just a, a light contour for now. Okay. And then, I'm going to follow up in just a second here with a color that's just going to be a couple of shades lighter than her skin tone to highlight. Okay. And for that, I'm not going to use the fluffy brush, I'm going to use just a regular eye shadow brush. So, I've got my lighter color and I'm going to press it right under the brow bone and then I'm going to gently blend it down. Okay. And highlighting and contouring the eye is something really fun to do when you're just going with a single color on your lid to just kind of give yourself some definition. So, there you have it, the way to highlight and contour the eyes. So, thank you all for watching and I hope this was helpful to you; my name is Joi. Bye.


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