How to Transplant a Pencil Cactus

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When transplanting a pencil cactus, one thing you're going to want to do is thing very closely about its size. Transplant a pencil cactus with help from an experienced professional gardener in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Nell with Joy Us Garden, and today I'm going to tell you how to transplant a pencil cactus. Which I am able to do first hand because this is my pencil cactus which I transplanted. Also known as pencil tree or milk bush. The botanical name is Euphorbia tirucalli. And this was smaller, this has only been in about a year. It was about this tall when I transplanted it so it was a lot easier. But how, I'm going to tell you how I would transplant this size. It's called milk bush because it's Euphorbia, which is also what a poinsettia is a Euphorbia. And it has a lot of sap in it. So this is really heavy right now. I couldn't transplant this by myself. But I would wrap a blanket around it to protect me and to protect the plant and then take it gingerly out of the pot into whatever size pot it's going to do. And use a very light potting soil. You don't want to use a heavy mix for this plant at all. And then put however much soil you need to in the pot to build it up and then fill around with the soil and it's very important. What I always do with all my succulents is I keep them dry for at least a week before I start to water it. And this plant right now. I'm in Santa Barbara, California. We don't get rain for late spring to like late fall. And I only water this about once every two months. So it is very, very drought tolerant. And this pencil cactus like most succulents can stay pot bound. They don't mind being pot bound, they just aren't going to grow. And this one was in a much smaller pot so I put it in this big pot and it has just grown so much. But I'm not going to have to transplant it for awhile because it's got plenty of room now. This is Nell with Joy Us Garden, and I just told you how to transplant a pencil cactus.


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