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Succulent landscaping is a great opportunity to transform your entire yard in a really positive and breathtaking way. Learn about the basics of succulent landscaping with help from an experienced professional gardener in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, it's Nell with Joy Us Garden, and today I'm going to talk about succulent landscaping. And I talk first hand about it because we're in my garden in Santa Barbara, California which is a lot of succulents as you can see. It was once Bermuda grass, agapanthes, volarean and we took that all out. Now the area where the gravel is, we didn't work it too much. We just put sand and gravel and then put the decorative rock on top. But we outlined the beds with decorative rock and the wall rock here I mean. And we worked that down a little bit and then we really worked this soil especially this soil here. It was pretty good. The drainage was pretty good so I didn't have to do too much. And over here where you can see the raised beds. Again we just worked the native soil and then we brought in probably about two inches of local top soil to go in here and that had a lot of sandy loam in it because succulents like good drainage. And I didn't have to worry too much because this is not heavy clay here. So we worked that in then brought in about an inch or two of local organic compost in. 100 percent recycled yard trimmings, nice and black, really moist, work that all in, making sure it was worked in and the same. Over here in the raised beds and then planted the succulents. And the good thing about succulents is most of them come in four inch pots or gallon pots so you don't have a lot of big huge five gallon or 15 gallon plants to plant. And planted them, took them out of the pots, obviously, and put them in their holes and I add a handful of worm compost. I love to use worm compost and then I make sure the crowns were up a bit because you don't want the soil over it to damp off and then planted everything and then I let it go dry for a week or so so everything could settle in before I water it. And what I love about this garden is that I was a professional gardener for years. I did lots of dead heading, lots of pruning. This garden is hardly any maintenance at all, but year round interest, year round color. I've taken a lot of cuttings and taken them to other parts of the garden, giving them to friends and it's great. I love succulents and it's not hard to do succulent landscaping. It's Nell with Joy Us Garden standing in my front garden which is full of succulents and I've just told you about succulent landscaping.


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