How to Prune Miniature Rose Bushes

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Pruning miniature rose bushes is similar to pruning regular-sized rose bushes, but with a few key differences. Find out how to prune miniature rose bushes with help from an experienced professional gardener in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Nell with Joy Us Garden, and I'm going to show you how to prune a miniature rose. This one I'm going to take out of this decorative pot so I can show it to you closer. When you go to dead head it, Take it off right there, just right above that leaf because you want that terminal one to shoot out to you and you want the new growth to come out there. And then you would do that for spent blossoms. I'm not going to do anymore because these are all still new or going to come out very soon. And I'm here in Santa Barbara where it can be overcast in the morning, although we have a very beautiful temperate climate, it can be sort of damp. So what I would do is thin out the inside of it so it gets some good air circulation coming in through here that there's a lot of dense growth. I just got this at the Farmers Market actually last night. So it's a new little plant to me. But I maintained a lot of them when I was doing the Marshall Field's Flower Shows, because we would use a lot of miniature roses in the windows and we would dead head them all. I've heard that if you have like a hedge of them you can just go through with the hedge clippers and do it. Because that's the thing about miniature roses. If they're in the ground they're hard to prune because you have to get down to prune them and they're very, very low. They only grow to like a foot and a half tall. And then of course you'd want to take out any dead growth. This one doesn't have any dead growth in it, but you would want to take out the dead growth or you would want to take out any branches that cross over. So you give it a good open or overall structure. So they're really easy to prune, they're really easy to care for. The more you take off the dead blossoms the more they're going to bloom. Now I just pruned this off, I just cut this off to show you. You wouldn't want to do this because this is a flower that hasn't really fully opened up yet. So I just want to tell you that. This is Nell with Joy Us Garden, and I've just shown you how to prune a miniature rose.


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