How to Prune a Jasmine Plant

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Jasmine is a specific type of plant known as a polyenthum. Find out how to prune a Jasmine plant with help from an experienced professional gardener in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, it's Nell with Joy Us Garden, and today I'm going to show you how to prune a Jasmine plant. And this Jasmine I'm showing you is Jasmine polyenthum, also called French perfume Jasmine. People love it because it has those white flowers that smell so sweet. It's very overpowering, the odor. And this is a vine that grows by tendrils as you can see. They kind of snake out and grab on to things and so what you want to do if I wanted to keep this one in check here because it's going to start to grab on to all the plants. It doesn't have a trellis or it doesn't have like a chain link fence to grab on to. So I would just go through and I would pinch these out just to keep it down because it's just going to keep on growing. And depending on what you want to do with it. But this one I want to keep just about here, so that's what I'm going to do. I'm just going to go through and cut all of these out. I'm going to show you three ways which Jasmine has been pruned and this is the first one. It's growing very low and as you can see, Jasmine is a plant that tendrils. This Jasmine polyenthum French perfume Jasmine that just has this intense scent. In the spring and winter it just strong, strong. But to keep it from grabbing on to everything, because it doesn't have anything to attach to here, you'll want to just go through and prune out the tips here so that it doesn't keep on doing that. And you want to take it down to this node right down here to keep it in check and I would go around and do this to the whole plant just to keep it in this shape if this is the shape that you wanted it kept in. And now I'm going to show you one that's been pruned all the way back. Come on. And here we are at the Jasmine that's been cut all the way back. It was just cut back last week. And this is a very dense, vigorous vine that gets about 20 to 25 feet. So what happens is the old growth gets smothered by the new growth as it grows. And as you can see, it's pulled the trellis over, it's such a strong vine. And here is some of the vine still up in the tree. I didn't do this, by the way. It was done by another gardener. But the vine is all through the tree so that isn't really good to plant it near anything else because it will just wrap around it. And so what they've done and this is what you really need to do when it gets so overgrown is just cut it all the way back. And this is one of four Jasmine plants that was planted way too close together and they were not kept pruned, so this is what you have to do if you don't constantly prune them. So again, it's not a small scale vine. Don't plant it in areas like this, or only plant one instead of four. But if you keep up on pruning your Jasmine, just gradually snip it all the time, it's going to look great. This is Nell with Joy Us Garden and I've just shown you how to prune Jasmine polyenthum or French perfume Jasmine.


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