How to Prune an Arboricola

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Pruning an arboricola is a lot like pruning other, similar types of house plants. Find out how to prune an arboricola with help from an experienced professional gardener in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Nell with Joy Us Garden, and today I'm going to show you how to prune a schefflera arboricola. So most of you have probably seen it as a house plant. I used to work in an interior field and we used to put them in offices and buildings. But this one, as you can see, which is probably about 15 feet or so, is growing outdoors. These are very easy to prune. Just be sure to take it all the way back to where it comes out of the main stem otherwise you're going to get a lot more branching on it. And indoors is the same way. Indoors is going to grow slower, so it's not going to need as much pruning. It may just get a little bit on leggy side because it's not getting the light it wants or the air is dry. So there you can give it a good hard prune all the way back and that will rejuvenate it. And this is a branch that crosses over so I'm going to just take this one right out. Like here. And it's going to open it up even more too and I might take out, I'm not going to because this is actually my neighbor's plant but I would probably take out this one right here too just because it's crossing over a bit and there's some small growth coming out in here I'm going to take that out. But if you have it as a house plant and yours has gotten on the leggy side, which is probably has, you can actually take these back all the way down to here. And what's going to happen is that there will be a node here so say if you do the cut right here I would do it as an angle because I usually prune at an angle. Then the new bud, the new growth is going to come out up here. They are very easy to prune. This one, if they wanted to keep lower, they could do a total tip on it. It takes pruning so well. These are used in bonsai. Any plant that is a bonsai can take pruning because I've seen this plant this tall with a trunk this big in a pot this deep. So if you know you see it that way it can take a good hard prune.


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